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Blanket Flower
BlanketFlower chara00
BlanketFlower chara01
BlanketFlower chara02
Base Evolved Bloomed

Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name サラマンド・カーニバル Lv1 20%
EN Name Salamand Carnival Lv5 30%
Effect Deal 2.1x damage to a single enemy. Type Blunt icon Blunt
Base BlanketFlower icon00 1 1300 +1320 2620 620 +600 1220 350 +300 650 560
60 5200 6520 2300 2900 920 1220
Evolved BlanketFlower icon01 1 4500 +2640 7140 1700 +1200 2900 820 +600 1420
70 9000 11640 3800 5000 1650 2250
Shinka ryuu 100 year blue icon + Bloom iconS +4152 13152 +1848 5648 +888 2538
Bloomed BlanketFlower icon02 1 6300 +2640 8940 2200 +1200 3400 950 +600 1550
80 10300 12940 4100 5300 2050 2650
Kaika tori blue icon + Bloom iconS +4320 14620 +1884 5984 +936 2986
Base During combat, increases the attack power of herself and an ally by 15%.
Evolved Increases party move speed by 50.
Bloomed Increases the Attack of 2 party members, including herself, by 15%
When attacked, will counterattack 80% of the time using 2x of your Defense as Attack Power
Additional Info
Affection Item Cake 500303 Nation Banana Ocean Banana ocean petal icon
Language of Flowers
Family Scientific Name
Asteraceae Gaillardia aristata
Common Name Blanket Flower
Nutaku Name Gaillardia
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Flower Knight ID:120803

Library Introduction
English I'm Gaillardia. My flower stands for Cooperation and Cheerful Personality. It's better to be cheerful than glum, right? I can't leave someone crying; I always want to get them to smile no matter what. Let me know if you want me to cheer you up, my liege!
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction
Here I am! I'm Gaillardia, Nice to meet you! Huh? You're not feeling so well? I'll cheer you up and give you energy, so let's cheer up and go!
Battle Start 1
Generic Response (Positive)
Battle Start 2
Attacking 1
Attacking 2
Generic Response (Grief)
Combat Skill Use 1
Combat Skill Use 2
Generic Response (Angry)
Takes Damage
Takes Fatal Damage
Battle Defeat
Generic Response (Joy)
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
Login 1
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
Login 2
Defeat Enemy 1
Defeat Enemy 2
Login 3
Stage Discovery
Treasure Chest
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Add to Party 1
Add to Party 2
Change Equipment
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Level Up
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
My Page Generic Phrase 1
My Page Generic Phrase 2
Recovering Stamina
My Page Generic Phrase 3
My Page Idle
Give Gift 1
Give Gift 2
Moving 1
Moving 2
Login Bonus
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English


  • As her "common name" refereed to the brightly patterned blankets made by Native Americans, her overall designed is based to it.

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