Bremen Event Picture
Bremen: The City of Ruin (滅びの都市ブレーメン) is the 1st Event. It was a Medal Acquisition Event when it was first commence.
  • Featured period: 2/16/2015 - 3/2/2015
  • Republished period: 8/20/2015 - 9/2/2015
  • Re-republished date: 5/2/2016

The following flower knights were introduced:

  • 5* Lavender (Featured)


The leader, Camellia, Cattleya, and Oncidium head to Bremen with the help of Lavender's guidance. Lavender proves difficult to cooperate with because her true intentions are to separate the other girls from her and the leader. Cattleya and Camellia use reverse psychology to give Lavender the impression that she and the leader are an inseparable pair which gets Lavender to cooperate. In the meantime, Oncidium befriends a pest, Maidoari, and takes it along with the party.

The party arrives at what they presume to be the ruins of Bremen. Lavender's childhood memories of Bremen ignite her passion to defeat the pests responsible for the city's destruction. Meanwhile, Maidoari runs off and told Oncidium that she angered The Ancient Threat because she wanted to be friends with Maidoari. The rest of the party rushes in to save them and take out The Ancient Threat.


Earn Lavender's re-sealing stones from chests in the event maps and go to the Shop to buy these.

Scenariobanner 1
Bremen: The City of Ruin
Japanese English Cost Supply Available
ラベンダー Lavender 2,000 1 Indefinitely
ラベンダーの装花 Lavender's Equipment Flower 100 1
ラベンダーの装花 Lavender's Equipment Flower 250 1
ラベンダーの装花 Lavender's Equipment Flower 500 1
ラベンダーの技花 Lavender's Skill Flower 50 1
ラベンダーの技花 Lavender's Skill Flower 100 1
ラベンダーの技花 Lavender's Skill Flower 150 1
ラベンダーの技花 Lavender's Skill Flower 300 1
指輪 Ring 250 1
腕輪 Bracelet 230 1
首飾り Necklace 230 1
耳飾り Earrings 230 1

Guest Party

Bermen Event Guest Party This team was added in the re-republishing. Their levels vary by the stage. From left to right: 6★ Cattleya - 5★ Oncidium - 5★ Camellia - 5★ Lavender

Stage Efficiency

The following table shows how much currency you can earn from a stage. Efficiency is written in parenthesis. It is assumed that you pick up all items on the map unless there are random panels. If there are random panels, semi-colons separate different potential outcomes.

Re-republished Stage Efficiencies
Stage Stamina Evt Currency
(/ Stamina)
(/ Stamina)
1st Half E1 Elem 12 16; 32 (1.333; 2.667) 132 (11.000)
E2 Middle 22 17; 34; 51 (0.772; 1.545; 2.318) 187 (8.500)
E3 High 30 60 (2.000) 195 (6.500)
E4 Top 40 54; 72; 90 (1.350; 1.800; 2.250) 240 (6.000)
2nd Half E5 Elem 12 11; 22; 33 (0.916; 1.833; 2.75) 132 (11.000) High risk
E6 Middle 22 30; 45 (1.364; 2.045) 187 (8.500)
E7 High 30 42; 63; 84 (1.400; 2.100; 2.800) 195 (6.500) Low risk. Best stage to earn stones(?)
E8 Top 40 84; 105 (2.100; 2.625) 240 (6.000) High risk

Maps (Re-reprint) 1st half

Elementary: 滅びの都市へ

Bremen Map 1

Intermediate: ナイツオブフォール

Bremen Map 2

High Class: 愚者の二塔

Bremen Map 3

Top Class: 欲罪の谷

Bremen Map 4

Maps (Re-reprint Run) 2nd half

Elementary: キルフ交易路

Intermediate: 忍び寄る追手

High Class: ブレーメン跡地

Top Class: 破滅呼ぶ古の脅威

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