The knight girls as listed below has their Bloomed form implemented in the game.

In addition of 2nd evolved form, all girls that are listed below also have their 2nd R-18 scene implemented in the game. Blooming (2nd evolution) is not necessary to unlock the R-18 scene, the only requirement is 100% Blossomed Affection.

Implementation Date

Flower Knights with Bloomed Form and CG

The following Flower Knights have their Bloomed form unlocked with in-game CG illustrations, or their bloomed CG illustrations are implemented after the bloomed stats.

Note: Characters with * on them indicates that the CGs were implemented after their bloomed stats.
Order: Rainbow, Gacha gold, Gacha Gold, Event Gold

Flower Knights with pre-illustrated Bloomed Stats

The following Flower Knights have their Bloomed stats unlockable before the illustration of their bloomed form is available in-game. This also includes all Flower Knights that have their Bloomed stats unlockable from the date of their implementation.

Character List

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