This article explains the basics and particulars of combat. Combat occurs when you encounter a pest during a Subjugation, initiate a fight against a Raid Boss, run into the Ancient Pest in the Whaleship, and in other scenarios. The outcome of combat is largely determined by each character's Type, Stats, Skill, and Abilities.

Flow of Battle

All battles are turn based. Either the player's team acts or the enemy's team acts. All battles start with your party's team having the initiative. When all characters have acted, the other side starts their turn.

All characters (and some enemies) will use normal attacks with a chance to activate a Skill instead.

Your party's attacks will make the enemy drop Shine Crystals which will fill the Light Gauge. When the Light Gauge is filled, you can press the Unleash button to activate Solar Drive. The Solar Drive will fire off when the current acting side's turn ends.


Flower Knights and Pests have types. The following types exist.

  • Slash Type (斬属性)
  • Blunt/Hit Type (打属性)
  • Pierce/Thrust Type (突属性)
  • Magic Type (魔属性)
  • General Purpose (汎用) (Seen in Whaleship Missions)
  • Untyped (Seen in Unique Missions)

Having the same type as your enemy lets you hit their weakness. Your attacks will deal 1.5x more damage. Enemies will not deal weakness damage to you. All flower knights and common bests/bosses have one of the first four types.


General Purpose-Typed

General Purpose-typed pests only appear in Whaleship Missions. They are weak to attacks from a General Purpose Whaleship. Flower knights will not encounter General Purpose-typed pests.


Untyped pests only appear in Unique Missions and Whaleship Missions. Nothing can hit these enemies for weakness damage.


Stat Info

Stats are rater straight forward that affects the Flower Knight's combat efficiently. It's 3 core stats; "HP", "Attack" and "Defense" increases as the Knight Levels up or stacked by Ampules (stats that are boosted by an Ampule are shaded blue and can be only seen during the synthesis) . Additional stats is boosted if she gain affection from gifts.

The Knight's attack and defense stats can further increased by equipment she is carrying. This marked next to the Knight's actual stat.

Speed which is the 4th stat is permanent and affects the overall speed of the team especially if she is the leader of the squad.


A Skill (スキル) is a special attack that some can use at random. It will have a damage multiplier which states how much more damage over a normal attack you will do.


An Ability (アビリティ) is a passive effect that bestows special effects to flower knights in or outside of battle. The rarity of the flower knight determines the number of abilities they can have and the effectiveness of those abilities. The number of and effectiveness of abilities can improve with Evolution and Blooming.

Also see Ability Lookup.

Ability Particulars

Some abilities are unique and benefit from having deeper explanations.

Kerria icon00
Attack up based on HP
Attack is multiplied based on how much HP you have. The formula uses Current HP / 100%, so with the Healing Boost Promotion Ability, it is possible to exceed 100% HP and also increase the attack multiplier.
BlushingBride icon00
Attack up based on Speed
A percentage of the party's movement speed is applied to attack power. Abilities that affect movement speed do affect this conversion, but panels that affect movement speed do not.


  • Character's attack power: 4,000
  • Party's speed: 500
  • Ability 1: Adds 100% of the party's movement speed to party members' attack powers.
  • Ability 2: Increases the Attack of party members by 15%

It starts by adding the speed to the base attack. [4,000 + 500] = 4,500.

Then the multiplier kicks in. [4,500 * 115%] = 5,175.

Solar Drive

Whenever a flower knight deals damage to an enemy they will drop an amount of shine crystals which fills up the solar bar. When the solar bar is full you may activate Solar Drive to deal <[ (Overall Force of your parties) / (10 * Number of your own parties [1 ~ 4]) - (enemy's defense / 4) ] * [1.01 + 0.01 * (Number of your own parties [1 ~ 4]) ] * (ability multiplier)> damage to all enemies.


Weak and crit

Dendrobium Critical Strike

Critical strikes are random boosts to damage. You can get up to 80% crit rate with ability boosts. Crits deal 1.5x more damage and can stack with weakness damage multiplicatively. Ordinarily, weakness damage is 1.5x damage, so weak x crit deals 2.25x more damage. The Whaleship deals 2.0x weakness damage, so weak x crit deals 3.0x more damage.

Crits are calculated on a per-enemy basis, so skills that hit multiple enemies may crit some enemies, but not the rest (see example screenshot).

Critical update

Update to Critical Hit Functionality

In the past, skills that hit "all" enemies could not crit at all, but this is no longer a problem. The old circumstance put Lupin in an awkward position since she had a crit rate boosting ability and an "all" targeting skill. Also in the past, crit was unable to stack with weakness damage, so characters either did 1.5x weak damage or 1.5x crit damage but not both.

Damage Calculation


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