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Dahlia chara00
Dahlia chara01
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Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name 万死ヲ刻ム大鎌 Lv1 20%
EN Name Scythe Sweep of Certain Death Lv5 30%
Effect Deal 2.1x damage to 2 enemies. Type Slash icon Slash
Base Dahlia icon00 1 1400 +2160 3560 630 +864 1494 370 +144 514 550
60 4500 6660 2400 3264 800 944
Evolved Dahlia icon01 1 4200 +4320 8520 1890 +1728 3618 1110 +288 1398
70 8500 12820 4000 5728 1350 1638
Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon + Bloom iconS +5976 14476 +2472 6472 +492 1842
Bloomed Dahlia icon02 1 5100 +4320 9420 2500 +1728 4228 1900 +288 2188
80 10100 14420 4350 6078 2300 2588
Kaika tori red icon + Bloom iconS +6192 16292 +2508 6858 +624 2924
Base During combat, increases the attack power of party members by 10%.
Evolved Decreases the attack power of 2 enemies by 15%.
Bloomed 戦闘中、パーティメンバーの攻撃力が12%上昇し、さらにボス敵との戦闘中、攻撃力が15%上昇
敵2体の攻撃力を15%低下させる。 ※他アビリティとの組み合わせで敵の攻撃力は最大70%まで低下可能
Personal Equipment
Equip Name Level ATK DEF Icon
華麗と優雅の耳飾り 1 +243 +27 Blossom hill earring icon
Max +439 +76
華麗と優雅の大鎌 1 +365 +41 Dahlia equip01
Max +610 +188
Ability During combat, increase attack and defense power of all members with matching attribute by 2%.
Additional Info
Affection Item Book 500403 Nation Blossom Hill Blossom hill petal icon
Language of Flowers
Brilliant, Elegant, Unstable
Family Scientific Name
Asteraceae Dahlia pinnata
Common Name garden dahlia
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Flower Knight ID:130803


Library Introduction
Japanese アカシア隊のダリアよ。

花言葉は「華麗」、「優雅」、「不安定」。 傭兵として賞金を稼いでいたのだけれど、今はアカシア隊の一員になってるわ。 それもこれもアカシアと出会ったことが原因ね。 ……花騎士とは関わり合いたくなかったはずなのにね。

English I’m Dahlia of the Acacia group. My flower means “Gorgeous”, “Elegant”, and “Unstable”. I earned a good living as a mercenary, but now I’m a member of the Acacia group. I owe everything to my chance meeting with the Acacia. ...Although I don’t really remember wanting to get involved with the Flower Knights...
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction

あたしはアカシア隊のダリア。 普段は傭兵として戦っているけれど、今はアカシア隊の一員ね。 どうぞよろしく。

Are you the Knight Commander I hear so much about?

I'm Dahlia of the Acacia Corps. I usually fight as a mercenary, but now I'm a member of the Acacia Corps. Nice to meet you.

Battle Start 1
Generic Response (Positive)
Battle Start 2
Attacking 1
Attacking 2
Generic Response (Grief)
Combat Skill Use 1
Combat Skill Use 2
Generic Response (Angry)
Takes Damage
Takes Fatal Damage
Battle Defeat
Generic Response (Joy)
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
Login 1
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
Login 2
Defeat Enemy 1
Defeat Enemy 2
Login 3
Stage Discovery
Treasure Chest
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Add to Party 1
Add to Party 2
Change Equipment
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Level Up
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
My Page Generic Phrase 1
My Page Generic Phrase 2
Recovering Stamina
My Page Generic Phrase 3
My Page Idle
Give Gift 1
Give Gift 2
Moving 1
Moving 2
Login Bonus
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English


  • Dahlia is a part of the Transportation Mission Special Unit, Acacia Corp, along with Acacia, Black Locust, Cherry Sage, and Lupin. She was a mercenary before she joins the unit.


  • Artist: Moneti/Daifuku (もねてぃ)

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