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Dancing Lady Orchid
Portrait 112801
Portrait 112802
Portrait 412801
Pre-Evolved Evolved Bloomed

Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name ブラッディマスカレイド Lv1 20%
EN Name Bloody Masquerade Lv5 30%
Effect Deals 2.4x damage to 1 enemy and absorbs HP Type Slash icon Slash
Pre-Evolved Icon 112801 1 1800 +1800 3600 690 +720 1410 400 +120 520 635
60 6260 8060 2370 3090 950 1070
Evolved Icon 112802 1 5000 +3600 8600 1890 +1440 3330 760 +240 1000
70 10720 14320 4450 5890 1510 1750
Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon + Bloom iconS +5460 16180 +2196 6646 +468 1978
Bloomed Icon 412801 1 5900 +3600 9500 2520 +1440 3960 850 +240 1090
80 12220 15820 4900 6340 1820 2060
Kaika tori red icon + Bloom iconS +5652 17872 +2256 7156 +504 2324
Stage Abilities
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 10%.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 10%.
Ability icon24Adds 100 to the party's Speed.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 10%.
Ability icon13Increases Skill Activation Rate for party members up to 1.2x based on each member's affection.
Ability icon24Adds 100 to the party's Speed.
Additional Info
Affection Item Cake 500303 Nation Winter Rose Winter rose petal icon
Language of Flowers
Beautiful eyes, Playful, Dancing together
Family Scientific Name
Orchidaceae Oncidium altissimum
Common Name Wydler's Dancing-lady Orchid
Romaji Name Onshijūmu
Nutaku Name Oncidium
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Flower Knight ID:112801


  • Oncidium is a member of Cattleya's Mansion, along with Cattleya, and Cymbidium.
    • She is one of two servants working for Cattleya. The other being her childhood friend, Cymbidium.
    • She is also Cattleya's playmate. Oncidium met her when she was exploring the estate.
  • Has a rather energetic (genki) and cheerful personality.
  • Loves to dance, which is clearly seen on her Bride of Fos version.

On April 11th, 2016, her evolved form's max level attack power increased from 4,050 to 4,450.


Library Introduction Play
Japanese やっほー♪花騎士のオンシジュームだよ~♪
English Hey there! I'm the flower knight Onicidium~! My language of flowers should be... let's see.. "Beautiful eyes, playful heart, loves to dance". Anyways, nice to meet you! I'm really happy that we'll get to play together a lot!!
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction
団長、こんにちはっ! 初めましてですっ!
Hello Grandmaster! Nice to meet you! I usually play with Cattleya in the mansion but, if you need me, just give me a shout and I'll rush to your side, okay?. See ya around~!
Battle Start 1
もうっ!せっかく楽しく遊んでたのに~っ! Jeeze! Even though I was trying so hard to have fun playing!
Generic Response (Positive)
にっひひ~♪ Ni hee hee~
Battle Start 2
遊ぶのを邪魔する奴は許さないんだからぁーっ! I won't let anyone get in the way of my fun!
Attacking 1
せいやぁーっ! Hiyaa!
Attacking 2
いっぱいみじん切りにしちゃうんだから! I'm completely dicing you to bits!
Generic Response (Grief)
た、楽しくな~い…… That's... that's not very fun....
Combat Skill Use 1
早く倒して遊んでやる~っ! I'm going to vanquish you quick so I can go enjoy myself~!
Combat Skill Use 2
なんで争う事しか考えられないんだよ~っ! Why you'd oppose us is nothing less than unimaginable!
Generic Response (Angry)
むぅぅぅぅ! (◣_◢) Grrrr! (◣_◢)
Takes Damage
ぅわっち! Umf!
Takes Fatal Damage
い、痛くない……っ、痛く、ないもん…… It... it doesn't hurt..... doesn't... hurt...
Battle Defeat
まだまだ……遊び足りないのに~…… Still.... Even though I didn't play much....
Generic Response (Joy)
わぁーーい♪ Yaaay!
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
やったぁーっ!これで遊べるぞ~っ! Hooray! And with this, I can go enjoy myself!
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
お、お昼寝してから、遊ぼっと…… I... I think I will need a quick nap and then I'll go play...
Login 1
あ、おかえりー♪ 私も今、遊びから帰ってきたところだよー♪ Ah, Welcome back! I've also just returned from playing!
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
にっひひ~♪シンビジュームちゃんに自慢しちゃおっと! Hee hee. Time to go boast to Cymbidium-chan!
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
んにゃにゃ!うっそぉーっ!? ^^ Nya nya ~ O.O No way!
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
な、なんで倒れてくれないんだよ~っ! W - why won't you just go down!?
Login 2
ちょっと待っててねー! 今準備してくるからっ♪ Just wait one moment! I'm still getting ready~
Defeat Enemy 1
あっぱれ!無敵のオンシジュームちゃんだよー♪ Well done! It's the invincible Oncidium-chan!
Defeat Enemy 2
にっひひ~♪つい本気を出しちゃったー♪ Hee hee. Looks I was accidentally serious for a moment~~
Login 3
冒険の前に、一緒に踊ろう♪ Hey, let's dance before we venture forth!
Stage Discovery
ステージ発見! わくわく♪ 早く入ってみよ~よっ!
Treasure Chest
ギラーン!お仲間を発見だーっ! Grand! We've discovered comrades!
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
それからいつも、二人と仲良し小好し! にっひひ~♪ うらやましいでしょー♪
Cymbidium is a childhood friend; As for Cattleya, I met her while exploring the estate. Ever since then, I've had a small and intimate relationship with them! Hee hee hee.. It's certainly enviable, right?
Add to Party 1
はーい♪遊び終わったらすぐ行くねーっ Understood! I'm done playing, so let's get going~
Add to Party 2
団長っ。お任せあれ、だよっ♪ Commander, I leave it to you.
Change Equipment
おにゅーの武具ぅ~!にっひひ~♪ New Armor~~! Hee, hee, hee~
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Ever since I was born, as expected, I had to have fun. Son♪ Son♪ Son♪
I'd only end up thinking of painful things. Non♪ Non♪ Non♪
In any case, I'll play and play, I'm gonna work as hard as I can to have fun~ ! Ahhhhh!
Level Up
にっひひ~♪強くなってしまいましたな-っ♪ Hee, hee, hee~ I've become stronger~
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
A long time ago, I was in an endless delirium of playing and caused a lot of trouble for Cymbidium-chan. So, sometimes I get anxious thinking that maybe she doesn't like me anymore... Commander, you as well. We're okay, right? You don't hate me, do you?
みんなありがとう!私に力を貸してくれてーっ Thanks everybody for lending my your strength!
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
ねね、新しいお友達だって~♪ 楽しみだねーっ♪ Hey, hey! A new friend! I look forward to working with them~
My Page Generic Phrase 1
キノコのホイル蒸しがたべたぁーーい! I really want to eat the foil-steamed mushrooms!
My Page Generic Phrase 2
お説教は嫌いだよぅ…… I really hate being preached to....
Recovering Stamina
元気モリモリ! 眠くなるまで遊んじゃうぞーっ♪ I'm bursting with energy! Let's play until we tire!
My Page Generic Phrase 3
我慢は体に毒なんだよー?だから一杯遊ばなくっちゃ! Patience is bad for your health, you know? So, it's important to play as much as you can!
My Page Idle
もうどこ行ってたんだよー。早く一緒に遊ぼうよーっ! Jeeze, where'd you go?! Hurry up and let's play together!
Give Gift 1
くれるの?にっひひ~ん♪ さては団長、あたしの魅力にメロメロだなぁ~? Is this for me? Hee, hee, hee. Commander you've really fallen for my charm, haven't you?
Give Gift 2
わーい、ありがとーっ!いっぱいいっぱい大事にするねっ♪ Oh my, thank you! I'm going to treasure this forever!
Moving 1
遊びながら移動しようね♪ I will advance while playing~
Moving 2
わ~い、競争だぁー! Oh my! It's a competition!
Login Bonus
いいな、いいな~、ご褒美いいな~っ! Oh boy, this is great, Prizes are wonderful!
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Encountered bugs during subjugation
My Page Generic Phrase 4 (Bloomed)
My Page Generic Phrase 5 (Bloomed)
My Page Generic Phrase 6 (Bloomed)
Combat Skill Use 3 (Bloomed)
Combat Skill Use 4 (Bloomed)
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Christmas 1 (2015)
Limited Christmas 2 (2015)
Limited Tanabata 1
Limited Tanabata 2
Limited Summer 1
Limited Summer 2
Limited Mid-Autumn 1
Limited Mid-Autumn 2
急がないと、形が変わっちゃうよ~! =


Base form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Oncidium base normal Oncidium base happy Oncidium base sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Oncidium base angry Oncidium base shy Oncidium base surprise
Awakened form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Oncidium evolved normal Oncidium evolved happy Oncidium evolved sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Oncidium evolved angry Oncidium evolved shy Oncidium evolved surprise
Bloomed form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Oncidium bloomed normal Oncidium bloomed happy Oncidium bloomed sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Oncidium bloomed angry Oncidium bloomed shy Oncidium bloomed surprised


  • Orchid009

    Oncidium altissimum

    She has a pet ant named Maidoari (マイドアリ). It was adopted during the events of Bremen: The City of Ruin.
    • The name "マイドアリ" is actually a pun on "毎度あり" which means "thank you for your continued patronage". アリ has the dual meaning of "thank you" and "ant".
  • She is one of the most popular Flower Knight Girls, and is ranked the 1st during the Bride of Fos popularity poll which was held at around May 2015.
    • She, along with Cactus, and Camellia earned special, yet separate, character versions on August 24th, 2015. These character variants depict them in wedding dresses upon awakening.
    • Her Bride of Fos version is a 6-star knight girl. Her skill involves a dance with Maidoari.
  • Artist: Sugimeno (スギメノ)
  • She's is the first character in the game that has a PVC Figure.
    • A serial code is included which you can redeem for a special accessory in-game.
  • CV: Yuzuki Sachi (柚木サチ)
  • She's appears as a collaboration unit in other DMM Game called "Girls Symphony".
    • Additionaly, her pet ant Maidoari makes also an appearance during her skill.

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