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Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride of Fos)
Portrait 112811
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Portrait 412811
Pre-Evolved Evolved Bloomed

The Giant Swing of Maidoari and Onci-chan
Effect Activation Rate
Deals 2.8x damage to all enemies 27% (Lv1) → 37% (Lv5)
Type Stats
Slash icon Slash HP ATK DEF SPD
Stage Icon Lv Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167
Pre-Evolved Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride of Fos) 1 1,650 3,090 4,134 750 1,614 2,058 380 620 752 600
60 6,600 8,040 9,084 2,600 3,464 3,908 850 1,090 1,222
Evolved Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride of Fos) 1 6,000 8,880 10,872 2,300 4,028 4,892 750 1,230 1,494
70 12,500 15,380 17,372 5,000 6,728 7,592 1,600 2,080 2,344
Bloomed Dancing Lady Orchid (Bride of Fos) 1 7,200 10,080 12,360 3,200 4,928 5,864 950 1,430 1,766
80 14,700 17,580 19,860 5,480 7,208 8,144 2,150 2,630 2,966
Additional Info
Affection Item Cake Cake Nation Winter Rose Winter Rose
Language of Flowers
Beautiful Eyes, We Danced Together
Family Scientific Name
Orchidaceae Oncidium altissimum
Romaji Name Onshijuumu (Fosu no Hanayome)
Nutaku Name Oncidium (Bride)

Stage Abilities
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 15%.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 15%.
Ability icon32Reduces Attack for enemies by 15%.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 18%.
Ability icon13Increases Skill Activation Rate for party members up to 1.2x based on each member's affection.
Ability icon32Reduces Attack for enemies by 15%.
Ability icon13Increases Damage of Skills for party members by 10%.
Ability icon13Increases Damage of Skills for oneself by 20%.
Rarity Grown
Artist: Sugimeno

Flower Knight ID:112811

Alternate forms

Dancing Lady Orchid


Library Introduction Play
Japanese 見事、1位になれました……オンシジュームだよ~!
English Unbelievable, I'm the named #1 Oncidium~!
I never would have guessed it myself, but for all those who gave me their votes in the polls; Thank You, Thank You♪
Well, I was named the Bride of Fos, but really it's just a title...
I may not be able to continuously live up to my "Dances Together" language of flowers, after all♪
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction
似合ってるでしょ~? えへへへ~!
Heehee, he~llo Grandmasterー♪
I became a Bride of Fos~! This outfit is the proof of that!
It suits me well, doesn't it? Ehehe~! Therefore, let's continue to get along~!
Battle Start 1
花嫁さんをなめないでよね~! Don't underestimate a bride!
Generic Response (Positive)
うわ~♪踊りたくなっちゃう! Waa~♪ I can't help but to want to dance!
Battle Start 2
お邪魔虫は木っ端微塵なんだから~! I'll smash those pesky bugs to smithereens~!
Attacking 1
ちょちょいのちょーーい! A piece of cake!
Attacking 2
よーいしょっとぉ! All~right!
Generic Response (Grief)
花嫁は楽しくさせなきゃダメなのぉ~! It's no good if you don't let a bride have fun~
Combat Skill Use 1
アン・ドゥ・トロワ、ってね♪ Un, deux, trois ♪
Combat Skill Use 2
早く倒して、早く遊ぶよー! Defeat them quickly so we can go play sooner ~!
Generic Response (Angry)
むぅぅぅ~…プイッ! Muuuuu~ ... *sticks tongue out*
Takes Damage
ちょっ! Hey!
Takes Fatal Damage
んんぅっ!衣装が汚れたぁー! Nnng! My outfit's all dirty!
Battle Defeat
せっかく1位になったのにぃ~…! Even though I became number one...!
Generic Response (Joy)
団長、一緒に踊ろっ? Grandmaster, let's dance together?
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
これで遊べ………あれっ?この格好じゃマズイ…。 With this, let's go play ....... Huh? That'd be kind of hard with this outfit...
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
あ、あはは…まぁ、次に乞うご期待! Ah... ahaha, next time, I'll request your expectations.
Login 1
おっかえり~!!お風呂にする?ご飯にする?そ・れ・と・も~?な~んちゃって! Welcome back~! Do you want a bath? Do you want dinner? Or・do ・you・ want ...? Juuuust kidding!
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
アポテオーズ!これで大団円、だねっ! Apotheose! This is the finale, right!
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
うあっちゃ~…。 Uwaa chaa~ *disappointment*
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
にゃっ!?そんなのアリぃ~? Nya?! Is this for real?
Login 2
団長、あたしちゃんと待ってたよ。えらい?えらいでしょ~? Grandmaster, I've been waiting for you. That's admirable, right? Isn't that great?
Defeat Enemy 1
にっひひ~ん♪これが1位の力だよ♪ Heehee ~♪ That's the power of the #1 ♪
Defeat Enemy 2
どぉ~だぁ!まいったかぁ~! How's that? Do you give up?
Login 3
にっひひ~ん♪今日は、団長がリードしてくれると嬉しいな♪ Heehee ♪
I'm glad Grandmaster is taking the lead today ♪
Stage Discovery
隠しステージだよ! 行っちゃう行っちゃう~?
Treasure Chest
お仲間はっけーん!あとで遊ぼうね! We got a new friend! Let's go play afterwards, okay!
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Wow, I was really surprised that I became a Bride of Fos. To think that I'd be able to wear such cute clothes!
Aren't you a little worried that I might get them dirty if I play around?
Add to Party 1
団長の頼みなら、すぐ参上! If Grandmaster is counting on me, I'll be there right away!
Add to Party 2
遊んでたいけど、そうもいかないよね~。 I want to play some more, but I can't keep doing that~
Change Equipment
パワ~~…アーップゥ!似合ってる? Power... up! Does it suit me?
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Right before, Cymbidium and Dendrobium came to congratulate me! We partied at Cattleya's place until morning!
It was tiring to dance that much, but it was really fun~
Level Up
にっひひ♪どんどん強くなっちゃうね! Heehee♪ I grew stronger again!
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Well, you see, I kind of wanted to have a serious discussion. I'm really grateful to Grandmaster. That I've been able to make it this far, is only because Grandmaster was here. I'm standing here now because of Grandmaster. That's why, Grandmaster, I want to always be by your side. That's what I've been thinking.
これも皆のおかげ!あんりがとぉ~う! This is also thanks to everyone! Thank you so much~!
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
おっともだちっ♪おっともだちっ♪いっぱい増えれば、いっぱい遊べるよね! Bu-ddies ♪ Bu-ddies ♪
The more they gather, the more we can play!
My Page Generic Phrase 1
団長、アレ食べたいなアレ!言わなくてもわかってくれるよね!? Grandmaster, I want to eat that, that thing! You knew without me having to say it, right?
My Page Generic Phrase 2
腰のマントは1位の証なんだって! This mantle on my waist is proof that I'm number one!
Recovering Stamina
気分は上々!今日はどこで遊ぶの? I'm in top condition! Where do you want to go play today?
My Page Generic Phrase 3
花嫁はお淑やかさも大事なんだって!ちょっと頑張ってみようかなぁ! It's also important for a bride to be graceful too! I'll try giving it a shot!
My Page Idle
むぅぅ~…花嫁を放っておくなんてひどいぞ~!ちゃーんと構ってくれないとダメなんだからぁ! Muuu~ to neglect a bride, that's terrible! It's no good if you don't properly look after me!
Give Gift 1
にっひひ~ん♪団長、ますますあたしにメロメロかな~? Heehee♪
Grandmaster, are you falling head over heels for me?
Give Gift 2
わーい、わーい!花嫁にプレゼントだね!ということは~、あたしと結婚しちゃう~?な~んて、冗談だよ~! Yay, yay! A present for the bride! Does that mean you want to get married to me? Just kidding, it was a joke~!
Moving 1
マイドアリも準備はいい? 行っくよ~! Is Maidoari (her pet ant) also prepared? Let's go~!
Moving 2
歩きながらだって遊べるもんねぇ! I can play around while I'm walking too!
Login Bonus
団長、ご褒美だって!大切に使おうね! Grandmaster, it's a reward! Be sure to cherish it, okay!
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Encountered bugs during subjugation
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Christmas 1 (2015)
Limited Christmas 2 (2015)
Limited Tanabata 1
Limited Tanabata 2
Limited Summer 1
Limited Summer 2
Limited Mid-Autumn 1
Limited Mid-Autumn 2


Base form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Oncidium bride base normal Oncidium bride base happy Oncidium bride base sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Oncidium bride base angry Oncidium bride base shy Oncidium bride base surprise
Awakened form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Oncidium bride evolved normal Oncidium bride evolved happy Oncidium bride evolved sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Oncidium bride evolved angry Oncidium bride evolved shy Oncidium bride evolved surprise


  • Oncidium's Bride of Fos version uses Maidoari as her weapon instead of her usual dual short sword.

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