Equipment (装備 or 装飾品) can be acquired to add abilities or increase the stats of any Knight. Just like Knights, equipment comes in different rarities and types. Similarly, the rarer a piece of equipment, the better stats it will provide. The terms equipment, ornaments, and decorations may be used interchangeably in this text because equipment for flower knights are accessories rather than armor.

Equipment Types

There are 5 types of equipment.

  • Ring (指輪)
  • Bracelet (腕輪)
  • Necklace (首飾り)
  • Earrings (耳飾り)
  • Personal Equipment

In general, Rings and Earrings tend to provide offensive stat boosts while Bracelets and Necklaces tend to provide defensive stat boosts. Event and limited edition equipment may not follow this pattern.

Acquiring Equipment

There are a few ways to get equipment in Flower Knight Girl.

Equipment Gacha
  • By contributing to the defeat Raid Bosses, the player will be rewarded with a currency for running the Equipment Gacha.
    • 装備ガチャ種 (equipment gacha seed) for elementary level equipment
    • 中級装備ガチャ種 (intermediate grade equipment gacha seed) for mid level equipment
  • This gacha will only produce basic equipment, but can provide meaningful stat boosts if the equipment is a "+10" equipment.
  • Event equipment are limited edition equipment that are themed after the event they came from. These equipment are all 4★ and 5★ equipment that provide an even stat boost spread.
  • In most cases, if you can apply a full set of equipment to a Knight, the equipment will give around +2000 attack power and +3000 defensive power.
  • The equipment most be obtained from cards in a Card Flip event, from the event gacha from a Gacha event, or from the Shop otherwise.
Character Quests
  • When you complete a character quest, that character will get a personal set of 5★ earrings that can only be equipped on a specific Flower Knight's slot for personal equipment.
Whaleship Missions
  • Earn Sun Medals from clearing Whaleship Missions to buy unique equipment from the Shop.
  • In most cases, promotions require spending money to get a serial code. By entering the serial code in the serial code page, you will be awarded the specific promotional equipment.
  • Thus far, these items have been extremely limited in scope and there are only a few of them out there.

Equipment Synthesis

Equipment Synthesis (装備合成) is the act of powering up Equipment with materials. See: Equipment Synthesis.

Increasing a Knight's Available Equipment Slots

By default, any Flower Knight you have will only have a single slot for equipment. In order to maximize the efficiency of equipment, it's best to have at least 2 equipment slots to equip an offense focused item and a defense focused item.

Equipment slots can be increased in the following ways:

  • By strengthening a Knight with a copy of itself. Doing this will provide a new equipment slot 100% of the time.
  • Using a コダイバナの装花 (Ancient Floral Equipment Flower) will increase the equipment slot of any Knight it's used to strengthen. They can only be obtained from time-limited special gachas, which can only be purchased with DMM points.
  • Certain event Knights have a Floral Decoration Flowers that work only for them. They can be bought from the shop using currency earned from the event stages they originated from.

Ability Bracelets

By completing the Special Mission "Extreme Limits Mission - Twilight on the Grass-covered Plain" (極限任務-宵闇の草原). The player will receive a special type of bracelet with no actual stat boosts, but instead adds an extra ability to the character it's equipped on.

JP Name EN Name JP Ability EN Ability Day Available Image
癒しの腕輪 Bracelet of Healing 毎ターン20%の確率で自身の最大HPの10%回復する Every turn, there is a 20% chance to heal by 10% of your max HP. Monday
怒りの腕輪 Bracelet of Rage 自身のクリティカル攻撃発動率を小上昇させる Increases the character's critical strike chance by a small amount. Tuesday
反撃の腕輪 Bracelet of Counterstrike 攻撃を受けた時、5%の確率で防御力の2倍を攻撃力に転換し反撃する Upon being attacked by an enemy, the character will counterattack for 2x their defensive power at a rate of 5%. Thursday
陽力の腕輪 Bracelet of Sun Power 戦闘中、パーティーメンバーのシャインクリスタルのドロップ率が15%上昇 During combat, the shine crystal drop rate of party member's is increased by 15%. Friday

Whaleship Equipment

The Sun Medals earned from Whaleship Missions can be used to buy unique equipment that has high stats and an additional ability. Whaleship equipment has five different color codes corresponding to the four attack types and non-typed. The equipment will only apply its ability to flower knights that match the same type as the equipment. Non-typed equipment will apply its ability to any flower knight.

  • 370000
    Exalted necklaces increase attack power by 3% for 3 people, including oneself, matching the equipment's type.
  • Exalted red earrings
    Exalted earrings increase attack power by 2% for 3 people, including oneself, matching the equipment's type.
  • Glittering red necklace
    Glittering necklaces increases critical damage by 3% for 3 people, including oneself, matching the equipment's type.
  • Brilliant red necklace
    Brilliant necklaces increases defend rate by 3% for 3 people, including oneself, matching the equipment's type.

If the wearer does not match the type of the equipment, the written number of people will still have the buff applied to them. For example, if a blunt type flower knight wore a slash type exalted necklace, the wearer would get no buff from the necklace, but three slash type allies will still get the buff.

If the number of flower knights in the party that match the equipment's type is less than the number of people the equipment can buff, only those flower knights with the same equipment type will get the buff. For example, if a blunt type flower knight wore a blunt type exalted necklace and was in a party with only one other blunt type flower knight, those two flower knights will get the buff even though a colored exalted necklace can buff three people at once.

EX Equipment

Two high lv equips

Level 10 and EX-Level Equipment Side-by-Side

EX Equipment is a special and extremely rare type of equipment that can come out of the High Level Equipment Gacha (上級装備ガチャ). It is a high-level equipment piece that has a higher rarity and maximum stats than other equipment that comes out of the equipment gacha.

Furthermore, EX equipment have an ability. An EX-level bracelet or necklace increases the damage reduction during defending by 8% (up to a maximum of 20% when mixed with other abilities). An EX-level ring or earring increases the damage done to enemies weak to your type by 5%.

Rolling the High Level Equipment Gacha requires High Level Equipment Gacha Seeds (上級装備ガチャ種). They must be Refined from Mid Level Equipment Gacha Seeds (中級装備ガチャ種), bought from the Shop or dropped from rare boses.

Table of EX Equipment
JP Name EN Name Ability Image
戦姫の指輪EX Battle Princess' Ring EX During battle, increases your damage dealt to enemies weak to your type by 5%. 300035
護姫の腕輪EX Battle Princess' Bracelet EX increase the damage reduction when defending by 8%. (stackable with similar abilities up to 20%) 310035
護姫の首飾りEX Battle Princess' Necklace EX increase the damage reduction when defending by 8%. (stackable with similar abilities up to 20%) 320034
戦姫の耳飾りEX Battle Princess' Earring EX During battle, increases your damage dealt to enemies weak to your type by 5%. 330034

Personal Equipment

Personal equipment slot

Personal Equipment Slot

Personal Equipment (キャラクター専用装備) is a type of equipment that is earned for a specific flower knight and can only be equipped by that flower knight. These must be earned by playing though a flower knight's Character Quest. Personal equipment can only be equipped from the equipment slot designated for personal equipment; it is the lone slot above the four normal equipment slots. In the past, there was no personal equipment slot, so because the personal equipment counted as earrings, they could not be worn alongside non-personal earrings.

Some characters have extra Character Quests because they got a good placement during a Poll Event. These extra quests may have a different type of personal equipment. Comparing this personal equipment with the one everyone can get through the third Character Quest, their stats are nearly identical. The only difference is what ability they get after evolving the equipment.

Personal equipment is always 5* rarity. They give about 520 points to parameters at max level. All personal equipment count as earrings, so they gain extra experience from Earring materials during Equipment Synthesis.

Evolved Personal Equipment

Evolving personal equip

Evolving Japanese Silver Grass' Personal Equipment

Evolved Personal Equipment (進化した専用装備) is an upgraded form of personal equipment. After getting a piece of personal equipment to max level, you can perform Equipment Synthesis on it and you will be taken to a special screen as you can see from the screenshot. By using Gold and Aqua Fragments (水影の秘石の欠片) as materials, you can evolve ordinary personal equipment. This resets its level to 1, but allows the equipment to reach a higher maximum stat total. The evolved personal equipment can only be equipped by the same character(s) that the pre-evolved personal equipment was designed for.

Aqua Fragments can be earned the following ways.

  • Defeating Aqua Shadows (水影の花騎士) in their Unique Missions.
  • Earning Honor Medals (特務の褒章) from Unique Missions and using them in the Shop.
  • Refining Aqua Fragments into other rarities of Aqua Fragments.

In addition to higher stats, evolved Personal Equipment comes with either one of the following abilities:

  • Increase the attack and defense power of all Flower Knights with matching attribute as its wielder (for all default Personal Equipment)
  • Increase the attack and defense power of self by 5%. (for special Personal Equipment given to certain Flower Knights)

Evolved personal equipment don't count as rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces like other equipment do. As a result, they don't gain increased experience from Earring materials during Equipment Synthesis. However, Personal Equipment Forge Spirits (専用装備オキタエール) give extra experience to evolved personal equipment. You can Refine Personal Equipment Forge Spirits (専用装備オキタエール) from other Forge Spirits.

Equipment Details

See List of Equipment.