Events are a period of time where a special dungeon is available that allows you to earn unique currency. Each event has a 5 star flower knight that can be earned and fully upgraded without spending any real money. This girl is referred to as the event 5 star girl/flower knight. Events tend to host the appearance of one new 6 star flower knight and three new 5 star flower knights. A new Selection Gacha also tends to become available to increase the rate of the new flower knights appearing if you choose to roll it. The event 5 star does not get featured in this gacha because event 5 star flower knights are not earnable from gacha. 4 star girls released during the event are also not featured in the Selection Gacha.

The usual format that events go through is as follows. Events last for two weeks. During the first week, only the first half of the stages and event prizes are available. During the second week, the second half of the event contents become available. Event currency is earned more efficiently in the newly released content, but the cost of the prizes available for the newly released content is also higher.

Event stages are divided into four difficulties: elementary level (初級), intermediate level (中級), high level (上級), and top level (最上級). There are eight stages total between the first and second halves of the events combined. These stages are referred to as E1 through E8 as shorthand. All event stages can generate Raid Bosses or Secret Gardens, but some event stages have unique Secret Gardens that produce a large amount event currency. A Secret Garden may be referred to as BS as a shorthand for Bonus Stage.

Each event has its own unique type of currency that can not be used for other events. The currency is earned by crossing over map panels with that currency in event dungeons. How the currency is used depends on the event. Here are some various types of events and how their currency is used.

  • Ordinary events simply allow you to spend your event currency in the shop.
  • Raid boss events allow you to spend your currency to summon raid bosses. Fighting and defeating them earns you a different type of currency which can be used to buy things from the shop.
    • These raid bosses may behave like ordinary raid bosses and may be shared with friends or you can participate in a stranger's battle.
    • Some raid boss events are Level Up Raid Boss events. You can't participate in another person's battle, but the raid boss will not run away. Defeating it lets you summon a stronger raid boss that gives better rewards.
  • Gacha events let you spend the event currency to roll an event gacha with a set number of rewards. There are a set number of gachas and you can progress to the next gacha after earning the featured items in that gacha. However, you can not go back to a previous gacha.
  • Card flip events let you spend currency on sheets full of cards. Unveil cards with prizes at your leisure. You can go back to any sheet at any time, but going to the next sheet requires flipping a set number of cards.
  • Swan Boat Race events allow you to bet your event tokens on any number of racers, with different return ratios of spendable currency ranging from 10x to 100x. Races take place daily at 1200 JST.

Although events only last for a certain amount of time, those events will eventually return as a republished event (復刻イベント) for a limited time. A republished event lets you replay the event stages. The chests in those stages only drop sealing stones which allow you to earn and fully power up the flower knight that was featured during that event. Other features of the event such as unique raid bosses and gachas will not be available.

Past republished events will eventually return again as a re-republished event (再復刻イベント). A re-republished event is available indefinitely, but the efficiency of earned sealing stones is reduced. Sealing stones earned from the republished events won't be carried over to the re-republished event.

List of Events

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# Events Featured Unit
75 Scenariobanner 75
Feast of the Holy Night
Japanese Glory Bower
74 Scenariobanner 74
Let's Ride The Waves! Everlasting Summer Christmas
Billy Buttons
73 Scenariobanner 73
Flowers to the Wasteland
72 Scenariobanner 72
The Graceful Magic of the Night Forest
Native Bryony
71 Scenariobanner 71
The Mystery Case of the Glass Mansion
Japanese Barberry
70 Scenariobanner 70
The Healing and Troubles of the Hot Spring District
69 Scenariobanner 69
The Autobiography of Past and Future
Spring Starflower
68 Scenariobanner 68
Princesses of Shining Radiance
Water Hyssop
67 Scenariobanner 67
The Demonic Instructor and the Supplementary Lessons
66 Scenariobanner 66
Shinobi, the Missing Girl, and the Festival Fireworks
65 Scenariobanner 65
The Survey Records of a Summer Sea
Flowering Quince
64 Scenariobanner 64
The Crescent Moon Island and the Midsummer Sun
False Hydrangea
63 Scenariobanner 63
A Dream to Reach Up to the Sky
62 Scenariobanner 62
The Search for the Bride's Ore
61 Scenariobanner 61
Let's Run! Sukane's Big Interleague Games
Sweet William Catchfly
60 Scenariobanner 60
The Call of the Prison Island
Flaccid Anemone
59 Scenariobanner 59
Sleeping Princess of the Worshiping Flowers
Sweet William
58 Scenariobanner 58
Easter and Talk by the Fire
Firecracker Vine
57 Scenariobanner 57
Flower Viewing and the Goddess' Medicine Box
Japanese Red Elder
56 Scenariobanner 56
The Grand Golden Taste
Curry Plant
55 Scenariobanner 55
Let the Cute Flower Take a Trip
Common Mallow
54 Scenariobanner 54
Beyond The Boundaries of the Reflecting Water
53 Scenariobanner 53
Chocolate for Oni Extermination?
Asian Bleeding Heart
52 Scenariobanner 52
Brilliant Festival: Tropical Princess
51 Scenariobanner 51
Seven Herbs Hotspring Steam Incident
50 Scenariobanner 50
Ring the Bells, Pound the Mochi, And You're Out of Luck!?
49 Scenariobanner 49
Christmas Party
48 Scenariobanner 48
The Gifts of the Snow Falling Forest
Lamb's Ear
47 Scenariobanner 47
The Tea Party That is Blown by the Sea Breeze
Satsuma Mandarin
46 Scenariobanner 46
The Witch's Friend's Odd Night
Butterfly Bush
45 Scenariobanner 45
The Valley, Red Leaves, and Gathering of Fallen Leaves
Fullmoon Maple
44 Scenariobanner 44
The Selfish Princess and The Dramatist
Bird of Paradise
43 Scenariobanner 43
One Night Tale and The Night of The Full Moon
Asiatic Dayflower
42 Scenariobanner 42
The Shrine Maidens of The Color Changing World's Flower
Amazon Lily
41 Scenariobanner 41
The Ghost that Lurks in Garude
Trailing Abutilon
40 Scenariobanner 40
Deep Forest's Summer Festival
39 Scenariobanner 39
The Blue Devil That Blooms in the Sea
Bolivian Sunset
38 Scenariobanner 38
The Beaches of Summer Vacation
37 Scenariobanner 37
Beyond The Brilliant Milky Way
Lesser Celandine
36 Scenariobanner 36
The Sea, The Bride and The Legend of the Bouquet
Treasure Flower
35 Scenariobanner 35
Patters of the Rainfall Forest
34 Scenariobanner 34
The Quiet Lake's Border
33 Scenariobanner 33
Being on the Move Stamp Rally
32 Scenariobanner 32
The Day the Whale Flew in the Sky
31 Scenariobanner 31
Old Book Festival of the Sukane That Shows Signs of Spring
Firecracker Plant
30 Scenariobanner 30
Unexpectedly at the Sakura War Front
Japanese Mugwort
29 Scenariobanner 29
Departure of the Flower Knight That Dances in the Spring Breeze
28 Scenariobanner 28
Flower of the Capital's Princess
Events after this point are re-reprint events.
27 Scenariobanner 27
Valentine Knight
26 Scenariobanner 26
Glorious Festival "Grande Fleur"
Rain Lily
25 Scenariobanner 25
Aim to be a First-Class Flower Knight!
Amur Adonis
24 Scenariobanner 24
Good Fortune Comes to Laughing Flowers
Pine Tree
23 Scenariobanner 23
Christmas Festival
22 Scenariobanner 22
The Bell that Rings for Christmas Eve
21 Scenariobanner 21
Fill the World Flower with Love
20 Scenariobanner 20
Great Parade of the Ghost Pumpkins
Japanese Gentian
19 Scenariobanner 19
The Mountain, the Autumn Leaves and the Glutton
Lily of the Valley Tree
18 Scenariobanner 18
Cheering Song That Reverberates in the Autumn Sky
Blanket Flower
17 Scenariobanner 17
Adventure on the Night of the Full Moon
16 Scenariobanner 16
The Large Hunting Festival of Fos
Black Locust
15 Scenariobanner 15
The Old, Western-Style House and the White Shadow
Monotropastrum Humile
14 Scenariobanner 14
Snow Festival "Rest in Flower"
Marvel of Peru
13 Scenariobanner 13
The Drop of Desire That Sparkles in the Midsummer
12 Scenariobanner 12
Participate in the Large Subjugation Operation
11 Scenariobanner 11
Wish to the Stars
10 Scenariobanner 10
Thoughts Hidden in the Fist
Small Crowea
9 Scenariobanner 9
I Have Arrived! The Flower That Dances in the Dark Night!
8 Scenariobanner 8
Deep Red Friendship is Someone Who Protects
7 Scenariobanner 7
Bustling Festival "Fos Foresia"
6 Scenariobanner 6
The Peacefulness That Must Be Regained
Star Lily
5 Scenariobanner 5
The Lingering Scent of Ancient Flowers
4 Scenariobanner 4
Fill The Night's Radiance with Gratitude
3 Scenariobanner 3
Finding the Strength to Help the Ruler
Golden-rayed Lily
2 Scenariobanner 2
For the Sake of Our Precious Memories
1 Scenariobanner 1
Bremen: The City of Ruin

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