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Evolution (進化), otherwise called Awakening, is the process of going through Evolution Synthesis (進化合成) and making your flower knight progress to a more powerful form.

Certain 5* and 6* flower knights may also have a second evolution phase known as Blooming (開花). Note that "Blooming" is not the same as the Blossomed Affection, which refers to 2nd affection or 200% affection.

Some bloomable characters may only have Blooming (Powers-only) / 開花(能力のみ). This means that they can achieve the powers of blooming, but they don't have extra features like the 3rd portrait, 2nd bed scene, extra voice clips, etc.

In short, a character's state can go Unevolved -> Evolved -> Bloomed.

Effects of Evolution

 For all flower knights, both Evolution and Blooming resets their current level to one, but increases their max level and boost their stats.

Evolution doubles the stat boost obtained from affection. Depending on the rarity of the flower knight being evolved, they may learn new ability or improve their existing abilities.

Evolution Effects
Rarity Pre-Evolution

Max Level


Max Level



2 Star5060None
3 Star5060Learns an ability
4 Star5060Owned ability is powered up
5 Star6070Learns secondary ability
6 Star6070Learns secondary ability

The exception to the above table is Lilac who is a 4 star flower knight that learns a secondary ability instead of getting her primary ability powered up.

Effects of Blooming

Characters that go through Blooming (Powers-only) / 開花(能力のみ) get the following benefits.

  • A further increase to the stat boosts from affection to around 2.5 ~ 2.7x.
  • A higher max level of 80.
  • Additional and/or improved abilities.

Characters that go through Blooming / 開花 get the previously listed benefits and also the following ones.

  • A 3rd portrait for their bloomed form.
  • A 4th accessible Character Quest.
  • More voice clips in battle and on the Home Screen.

Also, bloomable girls with the extra features (meaning not the Powers-only type) have a 2nd H scene at 200% affection. Seeing this does not require blooming the character ahead of time.

How to Evolve

Aburana shinka

Evolution Screen

Click the Character button to get to the Character Management screen. Then click on the fourth tab from the left labeled Evolution/Blooming Synthesis (進化開花合成). to select a flower knight for evolution.

In the Evolution/Blooming Synthesis tab, the game will list all girls that can be evolved or bloomed regardless whether or not they have fulfilled the requirements. Note that the same sort and filter rules apply as with the Character Management screen.

Selecting the knight girl will open a page where the evolution requirements, as well as the pre and post-evolution stats are listed. If you click on the cyan Particulars (詳細) button, you can also see what abilities change/are gained after evolving/blooming.

Evolution Requirements

 All flower knights can perform the Evolution when the following conditions are met:

  • The flower knight must be at maximum level.
  • The required amount of gold must be sufficient in order to pay for the process.
  • The required Evolution Dragons/Blums must be available for consumption during the process. The Blums must be the of the same type as the flower knight to be evolved.

Note: There is no condition for the character's affection to be at any level before evolution.

Blums (ブルム), also called Evolution Dragons (進化竜), are earned from events or dragon-based Daily Missions. Dragons come in three rarities and four different types. The types are the same as what flower knights can be: slash, thrust, blunt, and magic.

1 Star, 5 Year Old Blum
Shinka ryuu 05 year red iconShinka ryuu 05 year blue iconShinka ryuu 05 year yellow iconShinka ryuu 05 year purple icon
3 Star, 20 Year Old Blum
Shinka ryuu 20 year red iconShinka ryuu 20 year blue iconShinka ryuu 20 year yellow iconShinka ryuu 20 year purple icon
5 Star, 100 Year Old Blum
Shinka ryuu 100 year red iconShinka ryuu 100 year blue iconShinka ryuu 100 year yellow iconShinka ryuu 100 year purple icon

A flower knight's rarity will determine what consumables are required for her evolution.

Evolution Requirements
Rarity Gold Blums
2 Star50,000

Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon

3 Star80,000

Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon Shinka ryuu 05 year red icon

4 Star100,000

Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon

5 Star150,000

Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon Shinka ryuu 20 year red icon

6 Star200,000

Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon Shinka ryuu 100 year red icon

The exception to the above table is Golden-rayed Lily who, despite being a 5 star flower knight, has the same evolution requirements as a 4 star flower knight.

Blooming Requirements

  • Blooming Birds
  • Petals
  • Blooming Elixir

Unlike the Evolved form which is available to all knight girls by default, the Bloomed form are only made available to certain flower knights, and requires several materials as shown at the slideshow at the right.

Currently, only a few Knight girls (as listed in the Bloomed category) can perform the Blooming. More knight girls will be able to reach their Bloomed form after their forms are implemented in subsequent updates (usually during the 2nd half of the main event).

The following conditions needs to be fulfilled to perform Blooming:

  • The flower knight must already have its Bloomed Form implemented in the game.
  • The flower knight must already been evolved and be at max level.
  • The required amount of gold must be sufficient in order to pay for the process.
  • Blooming requires the following materials: Elixir, Blooming Birds and Petals.

Note: There is no condition for the character's affection to be at any level before blooming.

Blooming Birds

The required bird color depends on the type of the Flower Knight. Two Blooming Birds of matching type are needed for each Blooming. Blooming Birds can be purchased from Shop by spending Medal of the Sun. Blooming Birds can also be aquired from the Unique Missions.

Evolution Birds
Kaika tori red iconKaika tori blue iconKaika tori yellow iconKaika tori purple icon


The required petals depends on the Nationality of the Flower Knight. Two petals of matching nationality are needed for each Blooming. Petals can be purchased from Shop by spending Crystal of Life, and may be made available in nation-based maps in subsequent updates.

Petal of the Lake is listed in the library but won't be available until one of the Flower Knight from Lotus Lake has its Bloomed form.

List of Petals
Petal Name Nation
Blossom hill petal icon 知徳の花びら
Petal of Knowledge and Virtue
Blossom Hill
Winter rose petal icon 雪原の花びら
Petal of Snowfield
Winter Rose
Lily wood petal icon 深い森の花びら
Petal of Deep Forest
Lily Wood
Bergamot valley petal icon 風谷の花びら
Petal of Wind Valley
Bergamot Valley
Banana ocean petal icon 常夏の花びら
Petal of Everlasting Summer
Banana Ocean
Lotus lake petal icon 湖畔の花びら
Petal of Lake Shores
Lotus Lake


Elixir gold icon
Elixir rainbow icon

Elixirs, also known as Secret Medicine, are currently available in either gold or rainbow color. An Elixir with the matching rarity to the Flower Knight is required for blooming. They can be obtained as stage rewards from a certain mission map.


The required Gold for blooming is 50,000 Gold higher than the evolution cost relative to its rarity. As such, 5-star knights requires 200,000 Gold while 6-star knights requires 250,000 Gold for blooming.


As stated above, the required material for blooming is affected by three factors: type, nationality and rarity. Let's look at the example below:

Sakura's Blooming Requirement
Before Blooming Required Material After Blooming
Sakura icon01 Kaika tori purple iconKaika tori purple iconBlossom hill petal iconBlossom hill petal iconElixir rainbow icon Sakura icon02

In Sakura's case, she is a magic-type Flower Knight, so she requires purple Blooming Birds as shown above. As she is one of the 6-star Flower Knight in Blossom Hill, she requires the Petal of Knowledge and Virtue and a rainbow blooming elixir. And finally, she needs 250,000 Gold to perform the Blooming.

5 star unit 6 star unit

How to Check if Blooming Comes With Extra Features

Determining if a character has blooming or blooming (powers-only) is not possible with just the filters on the Character Management screens. There is a roundabout method you can do to check if a character will have the extra features that go along with blooming or if they will get blooming (powers-only).

  1. Evolve the character. You do not need to level up the character after evolution to do this check.
  2. Go back to the Evolution/Blooming Synthesis screen and select your character for blooming. (If the character does not show up, they may be unable to bloom, or they may be hidden by your filter settings).
  3. Check for bloom 1
    Click on the bottom Details (詳細) button to see the changes that will occur after blooming. (If you see Blums instead of blooming materials, this character is trying to undergo evolution instead of blooming; you did not do step 2).
Check for bloom 2

Olive being able to bloom

At the upper-right hand corner of the screen, it will say Blooming Completed / 開花済み if the character has a blooming form with all features. Also, the character's portrait will be a silhouette of their 3rd portrait.
Check for bloom 3

Chickweed only getting blooming (powers-only)

It will instead say Blooming (Powers-Only) / 開花(能力のみ) if the character can bloom, but not have the extra features. Also, the character's portrait will be of their evolved form.

Irregardless of whether the character gets extra features upon blooming or not, remember that blooming makes the character more powerful in battle. Determining if a character gets the extra features or not is important only to people who want to further enjoy what their character has to show outside of battles.

When to Evolve

A flower knight will usually experience a stat reduction upon evolution due to their level resetting to one. That said, simply leveling them up a couple times will offset this stat reduction very quickly. Upon evolution, performing strengthening synthesis with 10 Manyus of any age/rarity should be enough to make the flower knight stronger than when she was not evolved. Also note that at the moment of evolution, flower knights may experience some stat increases if the flower knight has a lot of affection because evolution will double the effectiveness of affection.

Hence, evolving is probably most effective if you can do at least one strengthening synthesis after the evolution. This will only cost 1,000 gold for synthesizing 10 Manyus at once.

Finally, be aware that the maximum level of the flower knights owned by any Comrade in Arms is limited by the highest leveled flower knight you own, so getting the most use out of your friends will require evolving and fully leveling up at least one 5 star or 6 star flower knight. New players should aim for this as one of their first major goals.

Blooming Schedule

Although it is not set in stone how often and when characters get blooming, some patterns are apparent. Blooming updates are released on the scheduled maintenances that occur once a week. That means the schedule coincides with the two weeks that Events work with.

Consider a "set" to be a 6*, two 5*s, and an event 5* girl. Some events deviate from this by having multiple gacha 5* girls.

  • Event 1st Half: Everyone in the set of new event characters come with blooming (powers-only).
  • Event 1st Half: Furthermore, an older set gets blooming (powers-only). The chosen characters may all be related to an upcoming reprint event.
  • Event 2nd Half: A random set get blooming with extra features.
  • Event 2nd Half: Furthermore, an older set gets blooming (powers-only).

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