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Flower Knight Girl is a browser-based RPG where you play as a Grandmaster of Flower Knight Girls, who fight insects to save the "Spring Garden".

It has a safe version on, an R-18 version on, and an English version on

This shall serve as a guide to those who don't understand/read Japanese.

Recent Updates - 28th November 2016

Event Ongoing:

Scenariobanner 48

Guides & Tutorials

How to play User Interface FAQ Get Started


Normal Missions Special Missions Limited Missions

Flower Knights

Character Reference Skill Lookup Ability Lookup Equipment Gifts


Raid Boss Insects

Additional Gameplay Elements

Character Management Quests Office Gacha Shop
Garden Evolution Whale Airship

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Latest activity

  • discussion page Talk:Herbaceous Peony
    new comment by Fomaikonpocuoi 4 days ago
    Comment: whether Botan is her master or her older sister?
  • discussion page Talk:Events
    new comment by CodeHK 4 days ago
    Comment: There are two reasons for this. The main one is that the English version of the game on Nutaku is very much behind the Japanese version on DMM. Like,...
  • discussion page Talk:Events
    new comment by Selvira 4 days ago
    Comment: I had a question regarding the translation vs the original game when it comes to events. According to the front page, the current event for what I am...
  • discussion page Talk:Rice Lily
    new comment by NoobxNoob
    Comment: How do you get to the "training" area shown in the gallery?
  • discussion page Talk:Viola (Yukata)
    new comment by Codename17
    Comment: isn't every else is the same?
  • discussion page Talk:Chocolate Cosmos (Swimsuit)
    new comment by Arvin30p
    Comment: You can get her via Gacha
  • discussion page Talk:Black Baccara
    new comment by SilentSilverSlash
    Comment: Does anyone know any more of her lore than what is stated?
  • discussion page Talk:Chocolate Cosmos (Swimsuit)
    new comment by NoobxNoob
    Comment: How is this character unlocked? Is it through an event or something?
  • discussion page Talk:Shop
    new comment by CodeHK
    Comment: The normal way to earn the leader medals is to do 100 DMM gacha rolls. Every roll nets you one medal. You can earn 4 a day doing this because of the...
  • discussion page Talk:Shop
    new comment by EndouAsuka
    Comment: How can you buy a 5 star gacha ticket if they only exchange 20 leader medals?

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