Flower Knight Girl (フラワーナイトガール) is a browser RPG where you command a crew of girls based on flowers, called flower knights, to fight pests and protect the world of Spring Garden.

This Wikia is for the original, Japanese version of the game on DMM (All Ages Version, R-18 Version). For the localized, English version of the game on Nutaku, please refer to HBC's Wiki.

Maintenance occurs every Monday from 14:00 to 17:00 Japan time.

Scenariobanner 71
Bloomable Herbaceous Peony (Halloween) Japanese Water Iris False Daphne Fuchsia
Bloomable (Powers-only) Lantana (Flower Festival) Green Bristlegrass (Flower Festival) Tassel Flower Sweet William

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  • discussion page Talk:Snapdragon
    new comment by Chalalala 22 minutes ago
    Comment: Best girl. Nuff said.
  • discussion page Talk:List of Flower Knights by ID
    new comment by Gdfate 1 day ago
    Comment: 180 should beアプリコット notヘザー the order of 174 to 180is wrong
  • discussion page Talk:Plumeria
    new comment by Furawau 3 days ago
    Comment: Plumerias are very common in my city, especially the p. pudica, but I've seen two plumeria rubras on my college and I'm eager to get her as soon as...
  • discussion page Talk:Japanese Barberry
    new comment by Furawau 3 days ago
    Comment: I'm glad she doesn't have blue hair like every other new event girl since I joined the game
  • discussion page Talk:Buckbean
    new comment by FKGfan4287 6 days ago
    Comment: I guess you guys haven't follow the FKG NicoTama or read the NicoTama thread in himeuta forum. The dev did annouce that they will release 2-star,...
  • discussion page Talk:Menyanthes
    new comment by Alphalanx
    Comment: That's what i was thinking
  • discussion page Talk:Menyanthes
    new comment by TribalNugget
    Comment: Wtf? A new 2 star?
  • discussion page Talk:5 Star Flower Knights
    new comment by Chrollop
    Comment: I just did it, in the future if you want to do it yourself it's not too hard! Just click on 'source editor' in the dropdown menu next to cancel and...
  • discussion page Talk:Radish
    new comment by Daibouken
    Comment: Lucky, I only understand a few Japanese words here and there, still incapable of making a sentence with them.
  • discussion page Talk:Radish
    new comment by FKGfan4287
    Comment: if you understand Japanese and read the voice lines, you can get that information fast anyways

  • discussion page question about a set of items
    created by Daibouken


    I've been playing the game for a while now and still have no idea what these stones are for, can anyone tell me what they're for? ... 



    Here's a link to the page: They're called Aqua Fragmen... 

  • discussion page Party Setup
    comment by Daibouken


    I'm moving this out of the List of Flower Knights thread to stop derailing it. Put Purslane with 5* Apricot and Cherry Sage. Those ... 



    Don't have those 3 yet, But it looks like I might be able to get Rain Lily soon Also, thanks for going out of your way to help, I rea... 

  • discussion page Modified ability table
    comment by CodeHK


    Sorry for taking so long to reply. My Internet falls back into 2G mode and the packets drops like there's a fissure between the lines, s... 



    I guess we can change the caption back to a table header to show that there's continuity between the character info and the abilities... 

  • discussion page Best moment to evolve?
    created by AgentFakku


    Whether you do it before or after evolution should have no effect on the final stats. 



    No penalty on stats - it's like Pokemon 

  • discussion page More lower knights getting a 5 star version & Nazuna?
    comment by FKGfan4287


    As a matter of fact, this is another old-ass account that I never use. This one was made back in 2009. No, I came here simply because it ... 



    Even if it's linked to you, you shouldn't have reply anyways and just ignore it. and please, not all DMM players are as jackass as ... 

  • discussion page hello i have a question
    created by Jinga0099


    Unless iPhone's Safari browser has the capabilities of a Mac version, no. The developer will have to develop an iOS version or Andr... 



    oh i see thank for the reply 

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