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Name Description Alt Names
Flower Stone FKG's main premium currency. See Wares.
    Japanese: 華麗石【かれいせき】

  • Nutaku: FG or Flower Gem
  • Himeuta: HS or Hana Stone
Forge Spirit
Bracelet forge spirit bronze
Equipment Synthesis materials. It was given this name on Himeuta because it's easier to spell and understand for non-Japanese speakers. Originates from オキタエール which is a pun on を鍛える / to forge or temper. Due to the awkward spelling, Japanese people misspell it a lot.
  • Japanese: オキタエール
  • Romaji: Okitaeeru
Shinka ryuu 05 year blue icon
Evolution material.
  • Alternate: Dragon
  • Japanese: 進化竜 ブルム
  • Nutaku: Bloom
Kyouka rei 05 year blue icon
Strengthening Synthesis material.
  • Alternate: Fairy
  • Japanese: 強化霊 マニュ
  • Beta Nutaku: Progenitor
Life ampule icon
Strengthening Synthesis material. Originates from アンプルゥ which is probably a pun on amplification. Due to the awkward spelling, Japanese people misspell it a lot.
Shortening: Amp
Overall Force A rough estimate of a character or party's power based on their stats. Shown and used in-game in various areas. Originates from 総合力. Alternate: TP or Total Power
Skill Flower Synthesis materials that guarantee unlocking an equipment slot.
Equipment Flower Synthesis materials that guarantee a skill level up.
A collection of 1~4 parties. You select one set to go out on a Subjugation. Whale Airship sets consist of 1~8 parties. Editable from the Character Management screen.
Leader icon moved
Group of up to 5 Flower Knights.