Lesser Celandine
Portrait 132909.png
HP 1 1300 +624 1924
60 5800 6424
ATK 1 650 +708 1358
60 2100 2808
DEF 1 300 +276 576
60 800 1076
MS 350


Lesser Celandine
Portrait 132910.png
HP 1 4700 +1248 5948
70 10600 11848
ATK 1 1900 +1416 3316
70 3800 5216
DEF 1 650 +552 1202
70 1200 1752
MS 350

Skills & Abilities

Active Skill:
Konpeitou ☆ Magic (コンペイトウ☆マジック)
Trigger Chance: 20% (Lv1) → % (Lv5)
Deals 2.4x damage to one enemy.

Restores 10% of party members' HP when you pass through a pest's nest.

Evolution Ability:
During battle, causes 2 enemies to miss 5% of the time.
* When mixed with other abilities, the miss rate can go up to 70%.

Additional Info

  • Nation: Blossom Hill
  • Affection Item: Toys
  • Language of Flowers: Shyness, Happy to be able to meet, Others
  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Scientific Name: Ficaria verna
  • Common Name(s): Lesser Celandine, Fig Buttercup
  • Romaji Name: Himeryuukinka


Lesser Celandine is an extremely shy girl who has trouble opening up to new people. In order to overcome her klutziness, she vowed to follow German Iris' example as a go-getter.


  • Lesser Celandine was classified as Ranunculus ficaria before change it's scientific name into Ficaria verna.
  • In several US states, lesser celandine is banned or listed as Noxious weed due to the fact that the plant is poisonous if ingested raw and potentially fatal to grazing animals and livestock.
  • Lesser Celandine was introduced as the event flower knight for Beyond the Brilliant Milky Way. She was featured alongside Tree of a Thousand Stars, Wood Sorrel (Tanabata), and German Iris (Tanabata).
  • She is the first flower knight to have the ability to debuff enemies and make them miss.
  • The star-spotted shawl and the star-shaped attacks she uses may be references to the Milky Way.
  • Her skill name refers to konpeitou which is a Japanese, star-shaped candy.
  • Artist: Kurasuke (くらすけ)

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