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Morning Star Lily
Portrait 122707
Portrait 122708
Portrait 422707
Pre-Evolved Evolved Bloomed

Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name 星剣・スピードスター Lv1 20%
EN Name Sword of Stars - Speed Star Lv5 30%
Effect Deal 2.2x damage to a single enemy Type Pierce icon Pierce
Pre-Evolved Icon 122707 1 1520 +1800 3320 623 +288 911 356 +300 656 560
60 6010 7810 2560 2848 900 1200
Evolved Icon 122708 1 4800 +3600 8400 2040 +576 2616 720 +600 1320
70 10500 14100 4500 5076 1450 2050
Shinka ryuu 100 year yellow icon + Bloom iconS +5424 15924 +1224 5724 +864 2314
Bloomed Icon 422707 1 6000 +3600 9600 2380 +576 2956 950 +600 1550
80 11600 15200 4720 5296 1660 2260
Kaika tori yellow icon + Bloom iconS +5568 17168 +1260 5980 +888 2548
Pre-Evolved During combat, beginning on the third turn will increase the attack power of herself and an ally by 15%
Evolved During Combat, increases the defensive power of party members by 7%
Bloomed Increases the Attack of 2 party members, including herself, by 15%
Against a Raid Boss or Level Up Boss, increase the Attack of 2 party members, including herself, by 22%
Personal Equipment
Equip Name Level ATK DEF Icon
誇りの耳飾り 1 +224 +47 Banana ocean earring icon
Max +420 +96
誇りの星剣 1 +336 +71 StarLily equip01
Max +581 +218
Ability During combat, increase attack and defense power of all members with matching attribute by 2%.
Additional Info
Affection Item Book 500403 Nation Banana Ocean Banana ocean petal icon
Language of Flowers
Pretty affection, Pride
Family Scientific Name
Liliaceae Lilium concolor
Common Name Morning Star Lily
Romaji Name Himeyuri
Nutaku Name Star Lily
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Flower Knight ID:122707


Library Introduction
Japanese ヒメユリです。

若輩者ではありますが、私も騎士の1人であり、 花言葉の通りそれを「誇り」に感じております。 ・・・・・・少し堅苦しいでしょうか。ええと、そうそう。 僕をスター・リリーなんて呼ぶ方もいるとか。 大袈裟ですよね。

English I'm Star Lily, I may be a novice, but I am still a Knight, and my flower word is, appropriately, Pride. ...Is that a bit formal? Umm, oh, yeah. Some people also call me Star Lily. Grandiose, isn't it?
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction

バナナオーシャンで花騎士をしておりますヒメユリと申します! 祖国への誇りを胸に、精一杯務めさせて頂く所存です。

Knight Commander, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Star Lily, a Flower Knight from Banana Island! I will do my best to serve you with national pride.
Battle Start 1
Generic Response (Positive)
Battle Start 2
Attacking 1
Attacking 2
Generic Response (Grief)
Combat Skill Use 1
Combat Skill Use 2
Generic Response (Angry)
Takes Damage
Takes Fatal Damage
Battle Defeat
Generic Response (Joy)
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
Login 1
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
Login 2
Defeat Enemy 1
Defeat Enemy 2
Login 3
Stage Discovery
Treasure Chest
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Add to Party 1
Add to Party 2
Change Equipment
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Level Up
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
My Page Generic Phrase 1
My Page Generic Phrase 2
Recovering Stamina
My Page Generic Phrase 3
My Page Idle
Give Gift 1
Give Gift 2
Moving 1
Moving 2
Login Bonus
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English


  • Despite the meaning of her "Language of Flowers", she talks rather formally as well as with a humble personality.


Base form Expression
Normal Happy Sad
Himeyuri base normal Himeyuri based happy Himeyuri based sad
Angry Shy Surprised
Himeyuri base angry Himeyuri base shy Himeyuri base surprised


  • 800px-Lilium concolor

    Lilium concolor

    Star Lily is cultivated in Japan as a food plant. The flowers, leaves, bulbs and roots are edible. Its bulb is sweet and cooling. It has starch and can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable similar to potatoes or used to make wine.
  • One of the most masculine-like attire.

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