Japanese Name
(Kanji and Furigana)
English Name Shepherd's Purse
Scientific Name Capsella bursa-pastoris
Family Brassicaceae
Hometown Spring Garden
Lily Wood
Hobby Singing
Age Otona-desu!
Height 160cm
Weight 42kg
BWH Measurement Secret
Occupation Party Leader's Assistant
Language of Flowers I entrust it all to you.
I shall give my all to you.


My name is Nazuna that is the game navigation as the Party Leader's assistant in Flower Night Girl ♪
Because we work hard so that the Party Leader like can comfortably adventure cheer thank you!
Also looking forward still for the Party Leader inauguration of the person that has not been into yet.
(From game character general election 2015)

About her:

The NPC who serves as the Party Leader's assistant. She will appear at the very start of the game in the tutorial to aid them in understanding the game concepts; she is also present in the Shop.


  • Her Flower Knight Character ID is 000001, which is shared with the Gold currency in the game.
  • Despite not being a playable unit, Nazuna has a "hurt" and "KO'ed" animation located in her SD file.
    • She also has a lunging animation.
  • Oddly enough, the animations where she's facing left are upscaled versions of those where she's facing right.
    • Although this is not noticible since the game resizes her on the fly.
  • During christmas seasons, her SD changes to her christmas SD.


SD Gallery

External Info:

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