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Portrait 111905
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Flame Burst
Effect Activation Rate
Deals 1.2x damage to 2 enemies 18% (Lv1) → 23% (Lv5)
Type Stats
Magic icon Magic HP ATK DEF SPD
Stage Icon Lv Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167
Pre-Evolved Novalis 1 1,080 1,872 2,472 510 1,026 1,314 300 432 540 490
50 3,840 4,632 5,232 1,720 2,236 2,524 730 862 970
Evolved Novalis 1 3,070 4,654 5,710 1,370 2,402 2,918 580 844 1,024
60 6,600 8,184 9,240 2,940 3,972 4,488 1,170 1,434 1,614
Stage Abilities
Pre-Evolved None
Ability icon01Increases Attack for 2 party members, oneself included, by 3%.
Rarity Grown
(Post Evolution)
Rarity Grown
(Post Bloom)
Personal Equipment
Equip Name Level ATK DEF Icon
神の祝福の耳飾り 1 211 49 Winter Rose earring icon
(No Translation) Earrings[Fix] Max 407 98
神の祝福の宝冠 1 317 74 Equip 380141
(No Translation)[Fix] Max 562 221
Ability Increases Attack for party members of the same attribute by 2%

Increases Defense for party members of the same attribute by 2%

Additional Info
Affection Item Books Books Nation Winter Rose Winter Rose
Language of Flowers
Family Scientific Name
Rosaceae Rosa 'Novalis'
Common Name Novalis Rose
Romaji Name Novārisu
Nutaku Name Rosa Novalis

Flower Knight ID:111905


Novalis is the current Queen of Winter Rose with Royal Princess as her vassal. Due to her very young age, Novalis is being supervised by Black Baccara & Dendrobium.





Novalis flower

Novalis [1]

ノヴァーリス / Novalis is a hybrid rose created in 2010 by German rose breeding company W. Kordes' Söhne. Its petals are lavender. [2] [3] [4]

This flower is part of so called "blue roses". It's said to be one of the most resistant to diseases [3] [4] and cold [4] roses in this group.

Blue roses do not exist in nature because roses lack the genes to produce blue color. Their natural absence made them symbol of unreachable dreams in the past. There were experiments to create blue roses by crossbreeding and genetic engineering, but those roses always ended up in shade of purple. [3] [5]

Novalis is also pen name of a German poet, author, and philosopher of Early German Romanticism - Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg. [8] His unfinished novel called Heinrich von Ofterdingen was the first to contain a motif later called "blue flower" (Blaue Blume). Said blue flower was a central symbol in Romanticism that stood for love, desire, and metaphysical pursuit of the infinite and unreachable. [6] [7]


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