A raid boss is a considerably strong pest that can be fought with the assistance of other players. Defeating a raid boss gives rewards which are the same for all participants regardless of how much damage was done. Furthermore, the person who found the raid boss will get an additional reward so long as they participate in fighting the raid boss.

Raid bosses drop equipment gacha seeds. High level raid bosses have more seeds and a chance to drop forge spirits. Raid bosses found from normal stage 9-1 and beyond will give mid-level equipment gacha seeds while high-level equipment seeds can be gained from rare bosses. Event raid bosses usually drop event currency and have a chance to drop many other items.

Encountering Raid Bosses

Raid boss encounter

Raid bosses sometimes appear upon clearing a subjugation. You will have the option to go after the raid boss immediately, leave it alone, or invite other players to attack it. Raid bosses will run away if not defeated within a limited time which is usually two hours, but a rare five minute raid boss may also appear.

Raid Boss Screen


From the home screen, pressing the big red button labeled レイドボス / "Raid Boss" will show you a list of currently sighted raid bosses. The example picture of a raid boss list will have some of its words explained below.

  1. 応援要請 / Call for reinforcements: This button allows you to call one of either random players or just your friends to help defeat the raid boss. This option only appears for raid bosses you have personally found.
  2. 討伐 / Subjugation: Click this button to fight the raid boss.
  3. 撤退 / Retreat: This button deletes the boss from your list without anyone fighting it.
  4. 参加者 / Participants: This buttons lets you see a list of all people who fought the raid boss. The player who found the raid boss is included even if s/he did not deal any damage to the raid boss.
  5. 発見 / Finding: This means that you have found this raid boss.
  6. 参加中 / Currently participating: This means you have already fought this raid boss. In other words, fighting it again does not earn you any more benefits unless you are intent on defeating it.
  7. 戦友 / Comrade in Arms: This means that the person who found the raid boss was one of your comrades in arms. Chances are that they only revealed this raid boss to their friends.
  8. Event: This raid boss is an event raid boss, so its dropped items may differ from an ordinary raid boss.
  9. This panel shows the rewards that can be gained by defeating the boss.
    • 発見者報酬 / Finder's Rewards: The left tab is your reward for encountering the boss, if applicable.
    • 参加報酬 / Participant's Rewards: The right tab is the reward that everyone who attacks the boss receives.
    • 確定 / Settlement mark: Guaranteed drops are marked with this text, while other items only have a chance to drop.
    • The long button under this panel displays the full loot table and amount of each item dropped.

Most raid bosses are very quickly defeated by players. To prevent frustration the game gives you a short window of time to attack a raid boss you can see in this screen even if it is dead.

Fighting a Raid Boss

Raid boss prep screen

Fighting a raid boss costs you raid points. Your raid points are shown as the red (available) or black (unavailable) orbs at the top of the main screen. You are given three options for how to attack the raid boss. From left to right, they are as follows:

  • 弱攻撃 / Weak Attack : Spend one raid point to fight the raid boss at 1x attack power.
  • 通常攻撃 / Ordinary Attack : Spend two raid points to fight the raid boss at 3x attack power.
  • 全力攻撃 / Full Power Attack : Spend three raid points to fight the raid boss at 5x attack power.

Raid boss fights have a Skip button that allows you to fast-forward the combat.

Should your team be defeated by the raid boss or you preemptively choose to call for reinforcements, you can choose to simultaneously send the Raid Boss to your friends and other random players or only to your friends.

List of Raid Bosses

List of Ordinary Raid Bosses
Appears Image Name Description


(Want Seeds)


The most common RB. You'll see it a lot when people run Event maps during non-RB events. It's easy to kill it with one raid point.

The low level ones drop equipment gacha seeds instead of mid-level ones, so they should be ignored.

Its name comes from 種欲しい.




A very weak RB. Not worth fighting.



Another very weak RB. Curiously weaker than similarly leveled Tanehoshiidos.



Another very weak RB. It drops mid-level seeds, but there are better things to hunt.

Fras Frinde


This RB is one tier above the generic ones you see from Events (Tanehoshiido). It is still simple to defeat with one raid point.

Fras Frinde has a role in the story mode. It guards a bridge in a valley. Its cousins have a thousand-year feud with Naido Ruga and its ancestors.


Sunei Miiru


Not notable...?

Retisu Fall


RBs drop random items from this tier onwards.

Naido Ruga


A descendent of an ancient pest. Naido Ruga guards the ice lake that encases its ancestor. It is not known why it guards the lake. It eats Fras Frindes that it kills.

Like Fras Frinde, this RB is related to the story.


Saibis Invader


Not notable...?

Jack Reaper


Notable for being the first tier of RB to reach level 200.


Naido Fragme


Likely related to the similar looking, differently named boss pest in story mission 41. That pest spewed a pitch-dark mist that was unusually hot. Whether or not this one has the same power is unknown. Also, it is unknown if it has a relation to Naido Ruga.

Rage of the Black-Dragon Claw


Acts as the heart of the sealed, giant ancient pest in Lake Fuva.
List of Special Raid Bosses
Appears Image Name Description


(Has Seeds)


This RB shows up all across the story missions. It is a very rare RB which is only fightable for 5 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours. It has maxed defense, but very low HP. It also provides a huge amount of equipment seeds. Its strength varies depending on where you find it, but it will always be level one.


(Has Too Many Seeds)


This RB has the same properties as its predecessor.

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