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Portrait 110403
Portrait 110404
Saffron chara02
Pre-Evolved Evolved Bloomed

Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name 秘弓・爆散霧消 Lv1 24%
EN Name Secret Bow: Burst & Scatter, Then Vanished Like The Mist Lv5 34%
Effect Deals 2.2x damage to all enemies Type Pierce icon Pierce
Stage Icon Lv HP Atk Def Spd
Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167 Zero percent 165 167
Pre-Evolved Saffron 1 1,600 3,160 4,120 670 1,510 1,966 410 806 1,022 550
60 5,900 7,460 8,420 2,700 3,540 3,996 1,300 1,696 1,912
Evolved Saffron 1 5,500 8,620 10,648 2,200 3,880 4,732 1,200 2,016 2,340
70 12,500 15,620 17,648 4,900 6,580 7,432 1,750 2,566 2,890
Bloomed Saffron 1 7,300 10,420 12,676 2,900 4,580 5,504 1,600 2,416 2,800
80 14,300 17,420 19,676 5,480 7,160 8,084 2,210 3,026 3,410
Stage Abilities
Ability icon19Evades enemy attacks 80% of the time for 2 turn(s), then 50% of the time afterwards.
Ability icon19Evades enemy attacks 80% of the time for 2 turn(s), then 50% of the time afterwards.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for 4 party members, oneself included, by 22%.
Ability icon19Evades enemy attacks 80% of the time for 2 turn(s), then 50% of the time afterwards.
Ability icon21Counters 100% of the time using 4.25x of your Defense as Attack Power.
Ability icon01Increases Attack for party members by 22%.
Ability icon18Increases Defense for party members by 30%, increases damage reduction when defending by 5.3%, and allows oneself to resist fainting with 1 HP remaining up to 3 times per battle.
Rarity Grown
Personal Equipment
Equip Name Level ATK DEF Icon
喜びと陽気の耳飾り 1 +249 +51 Winter rose earring icon
Max +445 +100
喜びと陽気のボウガン 1 +374 +77 Saffron equip01
Max +619 +224
Ability During combat, increase attack and defense power of all members with matching attribute by 2%.
Additional Info
Affection Item Gem 500103 Nation Winter Rose Winter rose petal icon
Language of Flowers
Moderate Attitude, Cheerful, Joy
Family Scientific Name
Iridaceae Crocus sativus
Common Name saffron crocus, autumn crocus
Romaji Name Safuran
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Flower Knight ID:110403

Alternate forms

Saffron (Christmas)


Library Introduction Play
Japanese どうも、サフランです。花言葉は「節度ある態度」「陽気」
English Hello, my name is Saffron. I hold the meaning of "a moderate attitude," "cheerfulness," and "joy" in the language of flowers. I am the daughter of an esteemed family that produces "Asphalt," a fashion brand used by royalty. But on that topic, I'd prefer if you didn't make a big fuss about that. Therefore, I'd be grateful if you don't act too reserved around me.
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction
はじめまして団長さん、ウインターローズ出身のサフランよ。貴族ではあるけれど、騎士団の一員としてみんなと平等に扱ってね。それが、私からのお願い。 Pleased to meet you, Grandmaster. I am Saffron from Winter Rose. I may be nobility, but as a Knight, please treat me equally with everyone else. That is my humble request.
Battle Start 1
油断しないで! Don't let your guard down!
Generic Response (Positive)
この気持ち、なんて伝えたらいいかしら。 These emotions, I wonder how I should convey them?
Battle Start 2
それじゃあ、いきます! Now then, let's go!
Attacking 1
外さないわ。 I won't miss my target.
Attacking 2
当たって! Attack!
Generic Response (Grief)
言葉も無いわ。 I have nothing to say.
Combat Skill Use 1
守りたいから! Because there's something I want to protect!
Combat Skill Use 2
本気でいくわ! Let's do this seriously!
Generic Response (Angry)
こんなこと、許さない! Something like this... I won't allow it!
Takes Damage
きゃあっ…! Kyaa...!
Takes Fatal Damage
まだ…なんとか…! Not yet... there must be something!
Battle Defeat
エキナセア…またね… Echinacea... goodbye...
Generic Response (Joy)
うふふっ…頬が緩んじゃう… Ufufu... my cheeks are loosening up~
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
すごい!みんな頑張ったわね! Amazing! Everyone sure worked hard!
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
はぁ…なんとか勝てたわね。 Haaa... I somehow managed to pull through.
Login 1
団長さん、今日も元気にいきましょう。 Grandmaster, let's go forth energetically today as well.
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
うふふ、気分がいいわ! Ufufu, this feels great!
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
そ、そんな… N-no way...
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
こんなこと、信じない! Something like this... I can't believe it!
Login 2
ちょっとだけ待ちくたびれちゃった。 I got a little tired of waiting for you.
Defeat Enemy 1
意外と私、強いでしょ! I'm unexpectedly strong!
Defeat Enemy 2
努力は報われなきゃね。 Great effort has to be rewarded.
Login 3
おかえりなさい、団長さん。実は…ちょっと寂しかったわ。 Welcome back, Grandmaster. Truthfully... I was a bit lonely.
Stage Discovery
何があるのかしら…!ワクワクしちゃうわね! I wonder what this is...! I'm getting excited!
Treasure Chest
あら!新しい仲間? Oh! A new companion?
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
アスファル…団長さんは知らない?ウインターローズでは結構有名なの、良かったら団長さんも何か買っていって。 Asphalt... Grandmaster, have you heard of it? It's pretty famous in Winter Rose. If you'd like, you should buy something.
Add to Party 1
一緒に頑張りましょう。 Let's work hard together.
Add to Party 2
嬉しい…!私、頑張っちゃうんだから! I'm so glad...! So, I'll do my best!
Change Equipment
あら…!素敵ね! Ah! This is lovely!
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
大貴族って言っても、普通の人と変わらないのに…みんな恐縮しちゃって嫌だなぁ…でも、団長さんは普通に接してくれて嬉しい! Speaking about my nobility... I don't like how everyone acts so reservedly around me, even though I'm not any different from an ordinary person. But, I'm so glad that Grandmaster treats me normally.
Level Up
またまた強くなっちゃったなぁ! I become stronger and stronger!
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
団長さんに関われば関わるほど、私の心がワクワク、ドキドキするの。これが…喜びってこと?でも…なんだか違う気も…。不思議だわ。 When I get involved with the Grandmaster this much, my heart gets so excited and pounds so much. Is this... the meaning of joy? But... that somehow doesn't feel quite right. How mysterious.
あぁ…この湧き上がる力。団長さん、ありがとう。 Ahh... this overflowing power. Grandmaster, thank you.
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
さぁ…!なにがでるかしら、楽しみね。 Come! What's going to come out, I'm looking forward to it.
My Page Generic Phrase 1
身分なんてそんなに重要かしら、私も団長さんも、同じだよ? Is social status really that important? Grandmaster and I, aren't we the same?
My Page Generic Phrase 2
そんなに恐縮しないでほしいわ。 Please don't act so reservedly towards me.
Recovering Stamina
気分も調子も上々よ。 My mood and condition are top notch!
My Page Generic Phrase 3
エキナセアって頼りになるのよ。陽気すぎるってよく叱られちゃうんだけどね。 I've become quite reliant on Echinacea. She sometimes scolds me for being too cheerful though.
My Page Idle
団長さーん!構ってくれないならエキナセアとお茶しに行っちゃうわよ。 Grandmaster! If you don't pay attention to me, I'm going to have tea with Echinacea.
Give Gift 1
わぁ…嬉しい!あなたの心遣い、大切にするわ。 Wow... I'm so glad! I'll cherish your consideration.
Give Gift 2
えっ、これを私に?どうしよう…これ大好きなの! Eh, this is for me? What should I do... I love this!
Moving 1
さぁ!前に進みましょ! Let us proceed!
Moving 2
必ず、たどりつけるわ! Without fail, I'll always struggle onward!
Login Bonus
いつも頑張ってる団長さんに、どうぞ! For Grandmaster, who is always working so hard, this is for you!
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English


  • Saffron has a smoking habit, as she is usually seen with her smoking pipe.
  • Her family runs a fashion brand empire named "Asphalt" and is very wealthy. She is also a member of nobility, but she prefers to be treated normally.
  • She is a friend to Echinacea, who seems to have the same nobility as herself.


  • Crocus sativus2

    Crocus sativus blossom

    Saffron Crocus is used to produce saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. Which is reasonable for her rarity.
    • Saffron Crocus is native to Greece, has been traded and used for over 4,000 years, and does not exist in the wild as it is incapable of breeding on its own. The spice consists of the dried styles and stigmas of the Saffron flower which is very labor-intensive to harvest. It has a subtle flavor and smell and a strong yellow-orange dye, and thus has mainly been added to food and used to dye cloth. Buddhist monks wear saffron-colored robes but use cheaper dyes to achieve a similar color. Saffron has also frequently been used as a medicinal herb.
  • Saffron can evade enemy attack and counterattack her bloomed form, rendering enemy attack less effective and inflict damage to the enemy during their turn. This makes her well-suited for crowd control with the Provocation Skill.
  • Saffron can reach 20% damage reduction post-bloom with only Provocation.
  • Artist: Dreamlight 2000 ([1]