Limited Time Missions are a type of mission in Flower Knight Girl that are all accessible from the Limited (限定) tab in the subjugation menu. These missions are usually available for a very short time (approximately 5 minutes) and appear randomly after clearing other subjugation missions. They typically only involve Secret Gardens.

Secret Gardens

Secret garden found

A Secret Garden (秘密の花園) is one type of Limited Time Mission. The stage may require stamina to run through. The rewards for clearing a Secret Garden are worthwhile and the bosses are simple even for the weakest of players, so it is recommended to clear any Secret Gardens that may appear. Secret Gardens do not count as a subjugation for the purpose of quests.

Secret garden confirm
Secret garden tab

A teal banner saying "Bonus Stage Appearance!" will signal that a Secret Garden was found. A confirmation box will then appear and ask if you want to go to it immediately. The red button on the left says "Yes" while the teal button on the right says "No". Selecting "Yes" will take you to the Limited-Time section of the Subjugation tab.

Secret Gardens found from subjugations have take up stamina based on the difficulty level from which they are found. The usual stamina cost is as follows.

  • Elementary level Secret Gardens cost 25 stamina.
  • Intermediate level Secret Gardens cost 50 stamina.
  • High level Secret Gardens cost 80 stamina.

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