Star Cluster
StarCluster chara00
HP 1 1450 +1440 2890
60 4750 6190
ATK 1 710 +840 1550
60 2200 3040
DEF 1 370 +300 670
60 840 1140
MS 570


Star Cluster
StarCluster chara01
HP 1 4150 +2880 7030
70 8800 11680
ATK 1 2000 +1680 3680
70 3900 5580
DEF 1 760 +600 1360
70 1380 1980
MS 570

Skills & Abilities

Active Skill:
Mirage Rondo
Trigger Chance: 24% (Lv1) → 34% (Lv5)
Deal 2.0x damage to 2 enemies.

During combat, depending on earch party member's affection, increases their attack power by up to 10%.

Evolution Ability:
During combat, can dodge an enemy attack at a fixed rate.

Additional Info

  • Nation: Lily Wood
  • Affection Item: Teddy Bear
  • Language of Flowers: Vivid Behavior
  • Family: Rubiaceae
  • Scientific Name: Pentas lanceolata
  • Common Name(s): Egyptian Starcluster
  • Romaji Name: Pentasu


Library Introduction
Japanese 私はペンタス。見ての通り小柄なので騎士学校では苦労しましたが、

「鮮やかな行動」の花言葉のように努力して、何とかここまで来れました。 ですが、今がゴールだとは思っていません。 害虫のない世を作る……その夢のため、これからも頑張り続けます。

English I'm Star Cluster. As you can see, my small frame didn't help me much through through the Knight Academy. But, as my name suggests, the hard work of my brilliant actions brought me this far. That's why I don't see this as reaching my goal. I will rid this world of pests... I'll do my best to make this dream of mine come true.
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction

何かお役に立てそうなことあったら言ってほしいです。 これでも、スピードにはそれなりに自信があるので。

Nice to meet you, Knight Commander.

Please tell me if there's anything I can do. I am confident that my speed will be of some use.

Battle Start 1
Generic Response (Positive)
Battle Start 2
Attacking 1
Attacking 2
Generic Response (Grief)
Combat Skill Use 1
Combat Skill Use 2
Generic Response (Angry)
Takes Damage
Takes Fatal Damage
Battle Defeat
Generic Response (Joy)
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
Login 1
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
Login 2
Defeat Enemy 1
Defeat Enemy 2
Login 3
Stage Discovery
Treasure Chest
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Add to Party 1
Add to Party 2
Change Equipment
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Level Up
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
My Page Generic Phrase 1
My Page Generic Phrase 2
Recovering Stamina
My Page Generic Phrase 3
My Page Idle
Give Gift 1
Give Gift 2
Moving 1
Moving 2
Login Bonus
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English



  • Apparently, she admires Southern Cross, to the point that she even uses the same poses.

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