Tatarian Aster
Portrait 140813.png
HP 1 1200 +1680 2880
60 4800 6480
ATK 1 700 +768 1468
60 2450 3218
DEF 1 400 +360 760
60 1000 1360
MS 600


Tatarian Aster
Portrait 140814.png
HP 1 4000 +3360 7360
70 8700 12060
ATK 1 1900 +1536 3436
70 4210 5746
DEF 1 750 +720 1470
70 2000 2720
MS 600

Skills & Abilities

Active Skill:
Wailing Corpse Gale (鬼哭疾風骸)
Trigger Chance: 22%% (Lv1) → 32%% (Lv5)
Deal 1.7x damage to all targets.

Upon being attacked, will counter attack for 3x her defensive power at a rate of 80%.

Evolution Ability:
During combat, increases the attack power of party members by 10%.

Additional Info

  • Nation: Bergamot Valley
  • Affection Item: Cake
  • Language of Flowers: "I won't forget you."
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Scientific Name: Aster tataricus
  • Common Name(s): Tatarian Aster, Tatarian Daisy, Tartarian Aster, Shion
  • Romaji Name: Shion
  • Nutaku's Name: Shion Aster


Shion is an old friend of Forget-Me-Not. She said that in the past, Forget-Me-Not used to be strong, dignified and admired by people. She (Shion) used to be a crybaby and had to be taken care quite a lot. However, on one day, Forget-Me-Not lost someone that was important to her. Shion can see how depressed Forget-Me-Not got after that. Feeling that Forget-Me-Not would not be able to protect her, she began to change and wore a demon mask to suppress her sadness for Forget-Me-Not.




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