Team Building

Usually when building a team, the order of which you arrange your knights by might not seem very important. This is usually true but there are ways to maximize the damage output and efficiency of your knights. Especially for harder maps.

First of all the general consensus is that you should put knights with Area of Effect skills first and then single target knights. While it may seem that your knights attack during the attacks of other knight (especially while you have fast forward on) the damage calculations are done before they attack (at the start of turn actually). Therefore if you have a knight with a single target skill before one with an Area of Effect skill and both activate their skills. If the one with a single target skill is placed before the one with the AoE skill and kills one of the pests, you reduce the damage output of the latter knight by a significant percentage.

This depends on multiple factors obviously; how many enemies there are, the damage multiplier and how many targets the AoE skill has. This can all influence how you want to build your team though having the AoE users first is generally better.


Multi-hit Skills: Knights like Rosy Lily and Ionocidium (Christmas) with skills which attack multiple times can be placed somewhere in between as their skills have the capability to attack different enemies making them good at both single target and multi target attacking.

Target Based Skills: Knights like Kiwi Fruit and Apricot (Christmas) with damage multipliers which vary based on the number of enemies are more lenient in where they could be placed. This is because they imitate the role of any knight they could fill in that role.

Attack buff on skill activation

Chocolate Lily and Gerbera: The attack buff is applied at the start of turn and not when an ability is triggered and the +ATK is displayed. This means that you do not have to place them last to get the most out of their abilities and they should be placed according to their role in the team.

Abilities versus Total Power

Auto-Sorting, sorts your knights after total power. This is useful if you want to see the total power of your knights though it never takes into account the abilities of knights it sorts.

The synergy of abilities have an invisible increase of power which greatly outweigh the displayed number which represents the total amount of stats in that squad.

The synergy between the abilities should be prioritized above total power as a team made up of a random collection of knights with no synergy at all will have a much worse performance (usually) than a team with a dedicated purpose.

What Nurture Ability/Trait to use?

While it might not seem important which Trait you run it is a factor that matters when you want to maximize the power of your squads.

Speed UP/DOWN (±20 Speed):

  • Use when you want to make speed run teams or when balancing speed.

Healing Boost (+25-30% Healing and can heal to 105-125% max HP):

  • Knights with powerful heal abilities can utilize this ability to it's fullest (high skill rate + drain is good),

First Turn Attack Boost (10-15% ATK increase 1st turn):

  • If you're too lazy to think about what ability to use this is the Trait of choice. This is the general all purpose trait which works on every single knight in existence and every knight that will ever be released.
  • The best knights to use this trait though are knights with powerful turn one abilities/teams which utilize turn one abilities.

Critical Damage Up (5-10% Critical damage increase):

  • Not really worth it except for very niche builds of Apple and/or Acacia aka. crit focused builds which tend to be pretty unreliable.

Weakness Damage Up (5-20% increased damage to type bonus):

  • Should really only be used when you know the weakness of your enemies, should therefore only be used when building teams for ultimate maps/typed whaleships.

Defend Rate Up (2.25-5% Defend Rate Up and 2.5-10% increased reduction while defending):

  • In general weaker than Provocation, yet useful to add some extra survivability to frailer knights. First Turn Attack Up is usually better than this trait though.
  • I'm unsure if it's persistent damage reduction or only reduction when "defend" triggers.

Provocation (Force enemies to attack you, gain 4-16% damage reduction):

  • Excellent ability though it is only usable by 6 star knights/rainbows and the only worthwhile user is currently Saffron who reaches the cap of 20% damage reduction post-bloom with maxed provocation.

Types of Teams


Utilizing the ability that reduces the attack of enemies (up to 70% reduction) and often having one knight with an HP drain ability, this type of team is considered one of the best archetypes of teams yet it is lower tier when trying to clear the Unique Extreme Mission: Confront the Menace of Kodaibana - コダイバナの脅威と対峙せよ. Because pests have quite high attack and reduce the defense of your knights by 50%.

Skill Rate

Utilizing multiple knights which increase the skill trigger rate of the team to maximize skill damage.

  • There are three subtypes of this archetype:
    • General Skill Rate: utilizing knights who permanently increase the skill rate of the team, usually 5 knights with is for a passive 2x skill rate.
    • 1st Turn: Using knights like Daisy and Cymbidium while sometimes also using other knights who increase the skill rate of the team.
    • 3rd Turn: The least common one as it requires both Moonflower and Tachibana and requires the squad to survive until the 3rd turn where they will get 2.4x skill rate for only that turn.


Utilizing knights with the evade ability to avoid damage.

  • There are two subtypes of this:
    • Pure Dodge: Using five knights with dodge. (no rarity requirement)
    • Dodge+Support: Using one or two knights with dodge and supporting them with knights like Soapwort (-skill rate for enemies) and Barrenwort (miss rate for enemies) to maximize their survivability. (Needs at least one rainbow with dodge as it needs to have provocation equipped.)

Critical Hits

Utilizing knights with the ability to increase critical strike chance to increase overall damage without needing skill activations.

  • It has two main subtypes:
    • Whole party crit: Using many party wide critical rate up abilities to increase the overall damage of those knights.
    • Focused crit: Focusing on knights such as Acacia or Apple, which become your main sources of damage you support them with bonus critical damage as well to squeeze out every bit of damage you can.

Solar Blast

Utilizing knights which increase the damage of solar blast during subjugation. As solar blast abilities stack multiplicatively doing this results in massive damage with solar blast. Useful mostly when you lack the knights to make a decently powerful combat squad.


Teams that have mechanics that support/benefit from other archetypes:

  • Attack up on Solar Blast:
    • When having a full team made up of solar blast users having a squad which benefits of that is often helpful when you lack powerful units.
  • Shine Crystals:
    • Supports solar blast by filling up gauge easily.

Do note that squads can have multiple archetypes mixed/interchanged as well due to knights having multiple abilities.

Notable Knights

6 Star Knights

  • Scotch Broom: One of if not the best knight for offensive support, Scotch Broom covers every aspect of the offensive spectrum except for crit. This makes her the perfect filler for any offense based teams.
  • Saffron: The best knight currently for the Dodge+Support subtype, can reach 20% damage reduction from only provocation. Very useful to add survivability for any team.
  • Dendrobium: Exceptionally good for turn one/sweep strategies. 2x skill rate and guaranteed 2nd attack on the first turn make her deadly when used correctly.
  • Red Ginger: Good for providing extra utility and speed, also is one of two 6*s that has drain.
  • Acacia: Highest crit modifier for self, the best knight for crit based teams and also contributes greatly to combat efficiency by having debuff and 20% ATK for party members.

5 Star Knights

  • Tall Stewartia: Usually the preferred 5* for debuff teams, even for debuff teams which involve 6*s as she has drain to provide extra surivability.



Screenshot 2017-02-12 at 02.22.20
Knight Trait
Dendrobium 1st Turn ATK
Saffron Provocation
Ghost Weed 1st Turn ATK
Scotch Broom 1st Turn ATK
Red Ginger Healing Boost
  • Dendrobium: (skill level 5 is an important factor here) with 100% skill rate 1st Turn (relevant calculation: 34*2*1.6=108.8% skill trigger rate 1st turn). Then because Dendrobium has 100% chance to attack again on the first turn she will always deal 4.8x damage to 3 enemies.
  • Saffron: Equipped with provocation has 20% damage reduction already. Saffron adds a lot of extra survivability for battles which last longer than one turn. Saffron is also the one deciding factor that make this squad able to solo the Kodaibana challenge map.
  • Ghost Weed: Skill Rate and Solar Blast (70% even)
  • Scotch Broom: More Skill Rate and Solar Blast also has bonus Shine Crystal Drop rate, chosen because of her synergy with basically every other knight in this setup.
  • Red Ginger: Skill rate, movement speed up and because she provides increased DPS and survivability post turn one.

Squad Specifications:

  • Atk Boost: 99% to all 109% to Dendrobium.
  • Defense Boost: 22% to all +4% damage reduction (20% for Saffron)
  • Skill Rate: 1.6x (2x 1st turn for Dendrobium)
  • Solar Blast: 129%
  • Shine Crystal: +15%


Screenshot 2017-02-12 at 02.21.52

A dodge/miss team with Soapwort for extra survivability - built around Saffron

Knight Trait
Soapwort Healing Boost
Saffron Provocation
Barrenwort 1st Turn ATK
Chocolate Cosmos 1st Turn ATK
Glory of the Sun Healing Boost

Note: Chocolate Cosmos should be replaced by Pouch Flower to maximize survivability of Saffron.

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