• It is being quite sometime that we don't had a translator skilled enough to translate the girl's line scripts as well as the game's main/event storyline.

    While we prioritize in the more important stuff: "FKG stats, event pages and game mechanics". This little problem had being stacked overtime as more girls coming to join the "Danchou's Army" same goes to the events. But of course it is easy to get the latter thanks that the old events can be replayed later.

    Although this is not an "important" task, getting a good translator would help in a long run but I won't force anyone to translate roughly (aka using a Translator Engine like Google). Also I won't accept a translation that came straight from Nutaku, I've made an inspection and had a good suspicion that one of Dipladenia's script lines are from said place. Also someone who is capable of double checking other people's English Grammar is also (not necessary) needed.

    I can't exactly remember how old is the wiki now, but I kinda think we should catch up in translating this minor stuff.

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    • I've been working on extracting Japanese quotes for since last year, but since last year's Christmas, I've been in a deadlock because it's quite hard to automate them now that there are multiple year-quotes, making it quite difficult to properly extract the precise quote.

      I've been considering migrating them to Lua, but CodeHK isn't going to work on it anytime soon, so we can worry about that later.

      That being said, if there's anyone who want to TL them, it's recommended to start with the Seasonal quotes, since I believe they're the most urgent one around. You can also ask me to post the Japanese quotes for the girls you want to be translated.

      Another point of contention is how to translate "danchou" in this context. We've got things like Grandmaster, Knight Leader, Knight Commander, liege, etc... so we'd like to get that part consistent. Another one is whether to use our given English name or their Japanese romaji, though I'd like to be more lenient on this one.

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    • Extracting the quotes would be a good step, allowing the translating for later.

      As for the "danchou" I do may consider of making a poll so we can decided which to use.

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    • Nah, I'd rather prefer to ask the translation experts instead of votes...

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    • I've been trying to put some of the english quotes on the wiki and they are all straight from the nutaku one but the only quotes that come with a translation are the Library quote, Introduction, Present (not favourite), Present (favourite), Evolution, Gathering and Finding stage but all the audio quotes have been ripped from the game (besides seasonal quotes) so if someone can translate by ear they can be easily uploaded 

      I'd like to know what name we should use for translations tho because it is very confusing. For example with Dipladenia her name and audio is the exact same but with Glory of the sun her audio states that her real name is Leucocoryne and Glory of the sun is a nickname and then there is Sneezeweed whose actual quote says Helenium is her name. I've been putting the name down as whatever the character wiki name is to avoid confusion but in cases where it straight up says another name I've just stuck to the audio

      And I don't have every single one but I can copy some of the script of events from the english one and then add on when the other events get reissued

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    • @Mokuzui Our translation standard is a bit higher than that, basically we prefer more literal translation and therefore wouldn't accept verbatim CPs from Nutaku's localization. I'd like to approve "following by audio" thingy, but I'll need to ask CodeHK and others for that.

      As for the scripts, I think I can get both scripts from DMM and Nutaku's version. Again, we might want re-translations to meet our standards.

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    • First of all, while it's true that "more important tasks" like event info and current ongoings are handled with more activity than quote and lore translations, the real issue is the severe lack of help in the Wikia. It's a far cry to find a user who wants to help here and is comfortable with translating Japanese into English.

      Google Translate and outright copying quotes from Nutaku is a cop-out. The former is just outright dumb since GT can't even make a coherent sentence. The latter is almost plagirism. We claim to be a Wikia specifically focusing on the DMM version of the game, so using Nutaku stuff (at least without crediting) is a no good. That said, I'm not saying it's ok to use Nutaku's translations so long as you credit them; like the Dipladenia screenshot, some of those translations are really rigid and I feel like someone could do a little better...

      Regarding the names used in quotes, use the Wikia names. If someone calls out to ヘレニウム, then we say someone called out to Sneezeweed. But if the character uses her own name to refer to herself, that's when you can take a spin on the localization and either use her name or "I/me/my" (personal pronouns). An exception like Glory of the Sun is fine the way you described it because, most importantly, it sounds fluid.

      Finally, regarding the translation of danchou (団長), I've always used the word Leader because the word refers to the head of a group or organization. It's also probably the shortest and simplest translation for the word. Grandmaster is horribly awkward imho. For one, I would have the tendency to write it as Grand Master which would ruin the consistency in the Wikia (there's a similar problem I would like to fix regarding "Crystal of Life" and "Life Crystal" for example). Grandmaster also implies that the player is a master of something, but there's no implication of that whatsoever in the game's background. Knight Leader and Knight Commander have the same implication as "Leader" but add a word of negligible usefulness. Liege is erm... Apparently correct? It's not the first thing I would've thought of, though...

      A lot of subjects got thrown around in this discussion. If I missed something, tell me.

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    • I wasn't aware that we shouldn't use Nutaku translations my bad. I have a few of the library/introduction audio saved so I want to put them on characters and I have added quite a few library/introductions from Nutaku so when I go back and add the audio should I add a line of text at the bottom of the quote box that those are from the Nutaku translation or would it be prefered if I actually deleted the english translation and just left the japanese quotes? If you don't want me to then I'll stop adding the Nutaku translations in the quotes. I wasn't aware I shouldn't be sorry about that

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    • For now, I suppose it'd be best to put a citation for Nutaku in places you've used them. (Remember that plagiarism is the worst thing we could do here). I'd prefer it that Nutaku quotes don't continue to be uploaded here because, well, this isn't for the Nutaku version of the game. Let a quality assurance person see if they agree with the Nutaku quotes, but if the QA person uses parts of Nutaku's wordings, that should be stated instead. Typical citation rules.

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    • If it is preferred that much to not want the Nutaku quotes then I'll just erase the ones I have put when I add audio. As stated above apparently the Dipladenia one isn't a good translation and I don't speak japanese so I wouldn't know and I don't want to add bad translations. I just thought that Nutaku was basically the official english release so I thought the quotes would be correct but guess not sorry for that trouble

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    • You're missing the point. Of what I've seen of Nutaku translations, they're rigid and occasionally have spelling errors. I personally think a fan translator could do a more fluid translation in some situations. You don't need to know Japanese to see that.

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    • I second that (the spelling errors). Nameless_Acolyte isn't what you would call a perfect translator, plus he has an obsession with (almost always) pressing the enter button after every punctuation. Also happens with H-Scenes.

      Well, either that or he uses 50 different pronounciations for "Penis" and "Vagina" in an H-scene.

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    • Ar-cen-ciel wrote: Nah, I'd rather prefer to ask the translation experts instead of votes...

      the word danchou had many meanings btw. In Granblue fantasy it's Captain and they stick to it.

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    • CodeHK wrote:
      You're missing the point. Of what I've seen of Nutaku translations, they're rigid and occasionally have spelling errors. I personally think a fan translator could do a more fluid translation in some situations. You don't need to know Japanese to see that.

      While that's true, it needs dedication to completely translate them, which what most people here who actually fluent in Japanese don't have, including you yoruself.

      and yes, that means sacrificing your time for translating a wall of text

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    • Okay, about the danchou (団長) thingy, after having a deep thought and research about it, it seems that "commander" seems fitting compare to "leader" because here's this:

      1. 団長 does mean "the leader of the delegation" but that depends on the context. In FKG context, it refers to knighthood theme of the game.

      2. Grand Master in knighthood order is the supreme leader of the order basically. But, in FKG, there's no such thing as "order", just party. So, commander is a lot more fitting

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