• yo wass up!

    Is it possible to make a render of the FK Wikia logo since now they change the skin

    oh yeah, luv the work youse guys do

    would be lost on DMM without da Wikia

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    • Yeah I notice wikia gives a new skin...

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    • Hmm, I need to find the game logo somewhere, but once that is done, I can scrounge up a new logo in short order.

      EDIT: Found it, but I needed to make this image transparent.

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    • you can use either photoshop or gimp for that

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    • oh shit, it will be tough to render it w/ all them grooves

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    • Ar-cen-ciel wrote:
      Hmm, I need to find the game logo somewhere, but once that is done, I can scrounge up a new logo in short order.

      EDIT: Found it, but I needed to make this image transparent.

      I think there was a clean logo on the Plum's website when they announced their Oncidium's figure but I can't find it. In any case, I decided to clean that image so here you go Ar: (logo)

      It ain't perfect but I think it'll be enough. Also, the size is about 50% smaller but if you need the original size I can PM it to you on Himeuta. And... I'll delete that puush tomorrow since I don't like rips.

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    • The new wikia skin kinda ruins the banner. We might had to re-adapt a bit.

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    • Logo-proto

      Okay, Kurenai have prepared a stock logo that I can reliably use for the wordmark.

      I've been trying to add extra texts like English Wikia and the website and developer's name, but I have to throw my arms out on this one since typography isn't something I'm good at. I would really appreciate this if anyone have nice typography for this one (or at least some fonts that I could use).

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    • I wouldn't bother adding all that. If you add too much junk to the banner, it will become needlessly messy. Besides, it says "Flower Knight Girl Wikia" on every single page on this site right next to the banner. You don't have to repeat yourself.

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    • ...and so I simply added the old Wikia logo on it for now.

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    • kinda hard to read but it looks good if you can't get any beter logo than dat

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    • AgentFakku wrote: kinda hard to read but it looks good if you can't get any beter logo than dat

      It's because the wordmark image size limit (at 90px vertical), so I can't make the logo bigger than it already is.
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    • I'm extremely sorry, had a busy 5-day stretch wherein I couldn't really set aside some time to work on typography. I tend to be more self-critical in that aspect when I work on a design.

      I can see how the logo looks now live. I can simply increase the halo around my rendered copy of the logo and send it to Arcenciel to make it stand out even more. Also, is it possible to change the blue section (or whatever it's called) into something light or even white?

      Typography-wise, I don't see a problem with adding a few words. It shouldn't look like a mess if properly done. That empty space quite bothers me to be honest, and I do want to make use of it. It's been a thing among popular wikis before Wikia came up with this brilliant (/s) idea of having that big text along with the new skin which I felt resulted in the issue of redundancy.

      Nevertheless, I do have some concerns as well as somebody who has designed, as a sideline, posters and banners for others:

      • On PS, I always work on a canvas of 2000px or higher and downsize to 30% when saving (about the size of my screen resolution, still "wallpaper-quality"), but while that large of a size allows me to tuck in small elements into certain spots without legibility concerns, a wordmark size of 250 x 65 will compel me to have all the typography to be not smaller than the logo text (or else it won't be readable enough), which kind of complicates the way I'd fit in any text in there. That said, I'd have to concede some words in that regard.
      • I considered the KanColle wordmark sample Arcenciel sent me and broke it down to the following:
        1. KanColle's logo lacks protruding parts unlike that of FKG (due to the text which juts out of the seal), so using the former as my base isn't exactly going to turn out well because of design discrepancies.
        2. I feel the developer/company name will be better off in the home page. On the other hand, I'm okay with adding "DMM" because 1) it's conveniently a single word, and yet, 2) it makes the wordmark further reflect the content and the intention of the wiki no matter where a visitor, or even an up-and-coming editor, ends up on this wiki, assuming he/she has never seen the home page which talks about the version.
        3. I don't mind "English Wikia" to fill up the space. It should work in conjunction with "DMM" to result in a wordmark that will convey the impression of being an English reference (considering it's a game in Japanese) dedicated to the game's DMM version. Currently, I'm searching for an typeface which approximates that of the logo text because I'm not satisfied with the matches I found among the hundred custom fonts on my PC. Else, I'd probably just go with a minimalistic yet classy serif-bearing font.

      As for the big text next to the wordmark, I'd probably do away with it because well, it's in boring Helvetica (damned ubiquitous) and I'd be restricted to web-safe fonts anyway, or if that's not possible, change into something else other than "Flower Knight Girl Wikia."


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    • I didn't know you had a graphic design background, Kurenai. We definitely could use the help. I'll show you a little of what the Theme Designer shows us to give you an idea of the features and limitations.

      Wiki customize

      Customize Tab

      The Customize tab lets us change the colors used across the Wiki. I think these were defaulted on us or something. There's an option for a header graphic which we don't use. I've uploaded a sample image to show what happens if you use it. Feel free to take advantage of this.

      Wiki wordmark

      Wordmark Tab

      This is the wordmark tab. We can't remove the plain text wordmark, but there's a good reason for this. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. rate the relevance of a search query to a website based on the number of subpages that have that word in it. So when a search engine gets a person who searches for "Flower Knight Girl", it will rate our Wikia as "very highly relevant" because those words are on every single page as the wordmark. If we changed the wordmark to not mention FKG, our Wikia would suddenly become "mostly unrelated to FKG" according to outside search engines.

      I hate to request this, but I would like to keep the plain text wordmark as saying something related to "Flower Knight Girl", "English", and possibly even "Wiki(a)". Besides, we can't make it blank anyways.

      There's no option to change the font for that wordmark, but maybe the sitestyle.css would let us access it...? If we could override the CSS rules for "wds-community-header__sitename", that would do the trick I think.

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    • Just a quick question Code. Does the header have a dimension limit?

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    • Although the header graphic has a limit of 471px x 115px as you can see in my screenshot, Wikia doesn't seem to care about the dimensions of the image uploaded. The source image I used was actually 649 x 812.

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    • I suppose my workaround will not work in this case since it doesn't really cover the whole header.

      Edit: As for the font... There's one called Cloister Open Face which is similar to the one on the logo although it looks quite different at smaller size. Still, I made a sample with it.

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