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Toad Lily
Portrait 142503
Portrait 142504
Portrait 442503
Pre-Evolved Evolved Bloomed

Active Skill Trigger Chance
JP Name 時雨の詩 Lv1 18%
EN Name Autumn Rain Song Lv5 28%
Effect Deals 1.8x to all enemies Type Pierce icon Pierce
Pre-Evolved Icon 142503 1 1760 +1800 3560 510 +600 1110 500 +300 800 555
60 5980 7780 1840 2440 1240 1540
Evolved Icon 142504 1 4780 +3600 8380 1470 +1200 2670 990 +600 1590
70 10200 13800 4000 5200 1990 2590
Shinka ryuu 100 year yellow icon + Bloom iconS +5388 15588 +1872 5872 +936 2926
Bloomed Icon 442503 1 5600 +3600 9200 2370 +1200 3570 1050 +600 1650
80 11600 15200 4440 5640 2390 2990
Kaika tori yellow icon + Bloom iconS +5568 17168 +1932 6372 +984 3374
Pre-Evolved When moving in subjugation, reduces the damage taken when encountering insects by 50%.
Evolved During combat, increases the attack power of 3 party members, including herself, by 12%.
Bloomed During combat, increase the attack power of 4 party members, including herself, by 15%.
During combat, evade enemy attacks 75% of the time for 2 turns, then 40% of the time afterwards.
Personal Equipment
Equip Name Level ATK DEF Icon
秘めた思いの耳飾り 1 +228 +43 Bergamot valley earring icon
Max +424 +92
秘めた思いの詩 1 +342 +65 ToadLily equip01
Max +587 +212
Ability During combat, increase attack and defense power of all members with matching attribute by 2%.
Additional Info
Affection Item Book 500403 Nation Bergamot Valley Bergamot valley petal icon
Language of Flowers
Hidden emotions
Family Scientific Name
Liliaceae Tricyrtis hirta
Common Name toad lily, hairy toad lily
Romaji Name Hototogisu
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Flower Knight ID:142503


Library Introduction
Japanese ど、どうも……ホトトギス、です。

その、すみません!あんまり人と話すのになれなくて……。 で、でも花騎士としては、精一杯頑張りますから、 どうぞよろしくお願いします。 花言葉は「秘めた思い」…… わたしにも、秘められた思いがあるんですよ?

English H-Hello...I'm Toad Lily. Uh, um, sorry! I-I don't talk to people much...B-But, I'm going to try my hardest, as a Flower Knight. My name means Secret Feelings...of course that means I'm hiding something too, you know?
Library Reference Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
First-time Introduction
あの……わたし、ホトトギス、です。 はじめ、まして……。

うぅ……何言えばいいのかな……え? 趣味、ですか? ……そそ、そんなはしたないこと、言えません!

Umm... They call me... Toad Lily... It's... nice to meet you...

Nnn... I don't know what to say... Huh? My... hobbies? I- I- I can't talk about such shameful things in public!

Battle Start 1
Generic Response (Positive)
Battle Start 2
Attacking 1
Attacking 2
Generic Response (Grief)
Combat Skill Use 1
Combat Skill Use 2
Generic Response (Angry)
Takes Damage
Takes Fatal Damage
Battle Defeat
Generic Response (Joy)
Victory Cheer 1 (Generic)
Victory Cheer 2 (Narrow)
Login 1
Victory Cheer 3 (Sweeping)
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 1
Fail to Vanquish Opponent 2
Login 2
Defeat Enemy 1
Defeat Enemy 2
Login 3
Stage Discovery
Treasure Chest
Conversation 1 (affection 0-29%)
Add to Party 1
Add to Party 2
Change Equipment
Conversation 2 (affection 30-74%)
Level Up
Conversation 3 (affection 75-100%)
Pulling Free Daily Gacha
My Page Generic Phrase 1
My Page Generic Phrase 2
Recovering Stamina
My Page Generic Phrase 3
My Page Idle
Give Gift 1
Give Gift 2
Moving 1
Moving 2
Login Bonus
Extra Miscellaneous Voice Lines
Event Japanese English
Limited Seasonal Voice Lines
Event Japanese English




Tricyrtis hirta

  • Her Japanese name ホトトギス (hototogisu), is actually used as a name for two different things. One is referring to Tricyrtis plant, also known as Toad Lily [1], which gets its name from the spotted external appearance on it's flower. The other refers to a bird called "lesser cuckoo" [2].
  • Her skill name is a song as a reference to the double-meaning behind her name. In Japanese culture, the Lesser Cuckoo is frequently praised for its song.
  • Her hobby is poetry



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