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Organization, Character Validation, Strengthen Synthesis, Evolution Synthesis, Character Sale, Equipment Sale

Character Set Creation

Set creation

Creation-ing: The first group of your first set is what your friends get as an assist!

Auto Fill orders are:

  • Comprehensive Strength
  • Attack Power
  • Defensive Power
  • HP
  • Movement Speed
  • Blossom Hill
  • Lilly Weed
  • Banana Ocean
  • Bergamot Valley
  • Winter Rose
  • Slash "Red" Type
  • Blunt "Blue" Type
  • Pierce "Yellow" Type
  • Magic "Purple" Type

Character Validation Page

Character validation
Sort Options Filter Options
First Received Slashing Type
Latest Received Blunt Type
Rarity Ascending Pierce Type
Rarity Descending Magic Type
Level Ascending Character is Locked
Level Descending Character isn't Locked
HP Ascending Holding Equipment
HP Descending Has No Equipment
Attack Power Ascending Blossom Hill
Attack Power Descending Lilly Weed
Defense Ascending Banana Ocean
Defense Descending Bergamot Valley
Movement Speed Ascending Winter Rose
Movement Speed Descending Strengthening Spirits Only
Evolution Dragon Only
Ampule Only
6 star
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star

Equipment Validation

Equipment validation
Sort Options Filter Options
First Received None
Latest Received Ring
Attack Power Ascending Bracelet
Attack Power Descending Pendant
Defense Ascending Earring
Defense Descending
Type Ascending
Type Descending
Rarity Ascending
Rarity Descending