Currently, this is a WIP. To keep track of my notes and progress as I go along, I am making this blog post.

Necessary Steps

  1. Download pywikibot. Windows users would download the zip file and extract that.
  2. Open a terminal in the extracted folder. Windows users would use cmd.exe and change directory to that folder. Windows 7 and above lets you open a command window from Windows Explorer though.
  3. Run this code: python login
  4. Run: python fkg
  5. Run: python
    • When it asks for the "family", input the number for "fkg".


You will need to be in the folder that pywikibot was extracted (or you need to put's containing folder in the PATH environment variable). You will run the scripts like python my_script_name.

If it's for one particular page, use python script -page:TargetPage