This post is just documenting all of the modules and templates I use and maintain. Mainly so I don't lose track of them.


This module produces the alternate forms section underneath a character's stat table.

Must be called from a template which passes an argument "JP" that contains a knight's japanese name. Returns a string containing a section header, WaifuList icons and categories. Where appropriate, applies the categories: Base character, Alternate form, Has alternate form, Has alternate skin.


Template:ListCharacters and Module:ListCharacters

This template creates lists of characters that can be filtered and sorted by various attributes.

The module takes a list of all knights, filters and sorts it according to any arguments specified by the user, then passes the resulting list and any unrecognised arguments to waifulist and returns waifulist's output.

Template:WaifuList and Module:WaifuList

This template can create a block of character images that link to the relevant flower knight's wiki page, from a list of knights provided by the user.

The module spits out a single string of many image and page links. It can accept lists of names in the form of a single string passed to it from a template or a simple array of Japanese names passed from a module. It handles the "sep" (short for separator) argument by adding sep between every flower knight it outputs. All other arguments are passed on to CImage in Module:Character.

Module:Character  - This is the module created by CodeHK to make character pages. It includes a function that produces the image/page links used by WaifuList. Sandboxes:Template:WaifuList/Sandbox and Module:WaifuList/Sandbox


User:Yil/Sandbox, User:Yil/Sandbox2 - Personal sandboxes.
Module:Sandbox, Module:Sandbox2 - Public Lua sandboxes. Sometimes need to use both when working on a module that is called by the module that is called by a template.
Template:Sandbox - Public Templates sandbox.