There's a ton of things to update each week when maintenance ends and game contents change. This is a comprehensive guide to all the things involved in updating the Wikia.

Automatically Updated

These pages are automatically updated with the Wikia bot. These are (ideally) labeled with Category:Automatically updated modules.

Updating these pages involves... TODO

Manually Updated

Character Names

Update Module:CharacterNames. Add any new characters to the list. The Japanese name needs to use half-width characters for parenthesis like エーデルワイス(新春) but not エーデルワイス新春. The English name needs to be put into the main field for the Wikia to function at a bare minimum; all other name fields are optional.

Front Page

Update Flower Knight Girl Wikia. Only an admin can edit this.

Prerequisite: Update Module:CharacterNames.

Current Event

Banner event 0082

Update Current Event. It's data needs to be put into Module:Event/Data and a new page must be made for the particular event.

  • Add a new entry to the end of Module:Event/Data by copy-pasting the commented-out template at the top of that page.
  • Change the redirect for Current Event.
  • Create the new event's page based on its English title. Some of it is manual copy-pasting from Event Boilerplate. Use a smart text editor like Scribes 2 to replace all the text of variables on a page. Some of the page will be generated from templates and Lua.
  • Upload screenshots following naming conventions.


Shop matsu

Update Wares. It is mainly done by look-and-check. The majority of this page is hand-written or generated by Module:Wares using Module:Wares/Data.

Premium Gacha

3k gacha kodaibana

Premium Gacha. Use Template:WaifuList to list out featured or available characters. Everything else is hand-written.